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worried :S

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I have my intake this wensday :(
And im scared :(
What will happen?
Will they judge me consider me crazy and lock me up?
Will they do a body check?
im gonna be admitted for 4 months :(
but if i dont go my dad will force me into one :(


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i am assuming you mean psych hospital.

depends what part of the world you from. in theory you should get assessment, counselling/therapy/meds which is great if they follow through. it is better to go voluntarily than be forced, as if you are forced they can do anything they think is appropriate. i spent 17 weeks in a unit, got admitted voluntarily as psych told me basically that if things didnt improve it would be taken out of my hands and my doc also wanted me in, and if i didnt agree to go that partic day i knew i wouldnt see the following week. what i am saying is, go in voluntarily, dont be forced. you will be in safe environment if nothing else. initially you wont be allowed out alone (just guessing as i wasnt) and only for 30 mins or so...but its hard to say as i dont know if the same rules apply globally. jeepers...sorry babbling...but do it and dont be forced. good luck :hug:
yes see about being admitted as a voluntary patient (i have been both). you have rights, either way. to get the most out of it keep an open mind. they are there to help you. they will stabilize your medication and you can learn some new coping skills. they search your stuff (knapsack, purse) and ask you to empty your pockets, but will not search your body.
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