worried sick that something is really wrong with me physically

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    I've been sick with bronchitis but finally got over it. Last week or so have been feeling dizzy and sick to my stomach and don't know why.:blink: Am afraid of what might be causing it and so sick of feeling sick and exhausted. Doctor gave me meds for dizziness, but it's not helping.:sad:

    The way I've been feeling is sort of like going thru alcohol withdrawal, only it can't be that as I've been sober nearly three months. feels like a bad panic attack, but it never goes away.

    I'm afraid I may have some problem that can't be solved, or some serious illness. I'm just afraid, so afraid.:sad::sad:
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    And not knowing makes it even worse. Could just be your body reacting to being so sick for the last while. I know when I have bronchitis it takes weeks afterwards until I feel myself again. But you shouldn't leave things up in the air. As scary as it is to go get it checked leaving it will be even scarier. If it is something serious, you know that it is best caught early for a successful cure. Leaving it can make it a longer time to take care of. Chances are it isnt anything too serious, but go have it check to be on the safe side.
  3. fromthatshow

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    I used to worry a lot about something physically wrong with me.
    It was actually that exact feeling of a panic attack that doesn't go away.

    Maybe it is nothing actually physical, maybe it is just anxiety or depression that is making you feel physically ill.
    I used to be at the doctor's often getting tested for things and such. I was wishing that I had a physical illness. I was hoping for it because then it could be cured. Then there would be a fix. But I finally accepted that it was emotional. It was my anxiety and depression, and nothing was physically wrong with me. Don't know if that's the case for you, but anxiety definitely can make you feel sick.

    Be well :heart:
  4. Terry

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    Last time I had a bout of bronchitis it was a good two months before I felt like a human being again, it really knocked my system for six; so hopefully this is nothing more than a slow recuperation. :hug:
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    Everyone else has given you the best advice already. I just wanted to tell you that I hope you feel better soon.