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worried that 1 of my friends has committedd suicide..

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i'm posting this here- feel free to move it if you find a better place

i am worried about 1 of my closest friends.

yesterday we were talking just fine, then something major came up and she said she was not going to live through the night.. i told her not to do anything and that she knew it was happening.

after that- she signed off my msn and i never heard what happened next.

i'm pretty scared- what if she really has?

i'll be devistated..


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It's always hard to tell what is going on inside someone's head. My advice is to send her messages saying that you care about her and that you are ready to listen whenever she wants to talk. Also consider talking to her friends/roommates/family or anyone else who could reach her...but don't mention suicide to those people, just suggest that she might need someone to be around her.

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your friend may be hospital getting help so try not toworry okay I too have had people saying they were giving up but help was there to get them thru the hard time If you cannot reach them perhaps they are in treatment now getting the help they need
have the cops go by her apartment to check things out. then they can let you know if she's okay and just staying out of touch, or if something has happened. this is part of their job. they won't think you strange for calling. i hope she is getting some help or just hiding out. xoxo
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