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Current events concerning my nephew revealed something kept in secret from me past couple of months. Long story short, we've got mail from his school (one of these letters of awareness about the dangers on the Internet, particularly one of the games kids play a lot), so we sat down discussing this with him, and his mother pretty much banned him from playing the game. He went absolutely mad, started crying, throwing stuff and screaming.
After a while I zoned out, and the word suicide brought me back, I was like "what was that?" And she explained that couple of months ago my nephew and my mother had argument about the time he spends online every day, instead of studying as he's a little behind compared to children his age, and he looked her straight in the eye, and said "You people drive me crazy, I want to kill myself, but I don't know how to do it" .
Everything turned black in front of me, I've got panic attack, and instantly left the room. I am very concerned about him, and I don't think my sister understands how serious this is. I was his age when such thoughts started haunting me, and more than 20 years later I am still affected by it.
He already have video games addiction, and whenever someone tells him to take a break from it, he goes mental, and his mother leaves him do whatever he wants, in other words 8 to 12 hours in front of the computer, tablet, or TV with his PS. I've tried to talk to him about this, but he pointed back to me spending my free time alone in my room doing exactly the same thing (and it was a good point, I do spend my time playing video games, playing guitar, or reading books alone in my room, so I am not the best role model I guess).
I need some help with this, some ideas what can I do for him to shake this thoughts of his little troubled head without getting therapists involved at least for now.

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This is the time to get help for him then while he is young Don't wait until it gets worse. Get his school involved councilors there can help him or put him on another direction like music or sports something he can do physically. Hope his mother can get him the support he needs to change.
He is a gymnast on a competitive level, and the music is not his kind of thing, as I tried to hook him up. But now because of the damn video games, he make a scene every time he had to go to the gym for practice, he wants to stay home playing games all the time


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Throw the fucking thing out the door. Seriously. It's a favor to him.
I've locked these stuff in my trunk once, and it was terrifying. He said that he's going to destroy every TV, phone and any technology we have. It was by far the worse tantrum he ever had... bad thing is, I believe he would do it. Once I showed him one of the videos of parents smashing game consoles and stuff as a punishment, and he simply said "I am sure you would be quite upset if something like this happens to your guitars" I mean... He basically threatened me lol.
Don't get me wrong, he's a really nice kid. Never gets in trouble, respectful and all that, but he also have issues with being told "NO" sometimes. His mother spoiled him a lot over the years, and now he expects to get anything his way, and when that's not the case we are all in trouble, I remember him staying under the kitchen table couple hours, because he wanted expensive game, while we were struggling with financial problems and barely had enough for food.
I think you are describing what many families face in today's world with increase in technology. I read that studies are discovering that the dopamine level in the brain increase, is just like a 'high' with 'substance highs' and are just as addictive. This is why the outbursts are the same reaction as you would find in any other addict when their item is taken from them. I have seen this in my nephew as well; and it is hard when they don't have many other things that they seem to enjoy...but I would suggest trying to find some things that he can do in place of his gaming so that you will eventually be able to limit his time on his devices and learn some self control with them.

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