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things are getting worse for me, i dont know what to do anymore. i push everybody away, pick fights with people who are trying to help, i cant even remember the last time i ever felt happy, wanted around, or even just liked. i have lost all my friends, been single for years, and cant even get out of bed most days. its like i have lost the will to hold on. i dont know what to do, im worried that i'll do something stupid soon and yet i refuse help at every turn. its killing me to live like this and i dont know what to do
Try to take a space.
All of us our guilty of letting things build up, until our heads are swirling with it all and we get lower and lower.
Sometimes, trying to work on the smaller issues creates the space for strength to work on the bigger ones.
No one said it was easy, and the truth is, it is not.
We have to start liking ourselves again. By that i mean being kind to ourselves and others, when we do this the beauty within will shine out, we will feel it and so will others. Rewards endless.
Please post some more, let it out.
Perhaps read some too, often the answers are right in front of us, if we look and ask the right questions.
Normally the truth hurts, so we have to look at why it does and work on that.
Intention, thats the key............ now where did i leave that damn bunch of lock openers.......
Hey, hope you are feeling a bit better today :hug:
I am sorry you are feeling like this, it must be very difficult for you, please get help, I know you want to because you have posted about it, that gives me a sense of you wanting to reach out, so well done on taking the first step!!!
Maybe it's time you reached out to the public and started getting the help and support you needed, maybe think about holding a appointment with your GP? You are wanted believe me, maybe you can't see it yet, but their are people around you who will love you and care about you! :hug: Drop me a PM if you want to talk, I will always listen to you OK?



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Hi and welcome...many of us are angry because of the situation we are in...maybe there is someone you can consult, your GP or such so that you can see what treatment is available for you...a way to reduce the anger is to reduce the pain...welcome again, and please continue to post...there are so many of us who feel as you do...big hugs
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