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  1. Dionaise

    Dionaise Member

    Hi All,
    Long time no hear,
    Basically, I have been caring for a friend whilst she's been going through a rough patch, the worst kind.
    She injured herself in a boating accident following a dive and here condition both physical and mental has deteriorated considerably.
    She has made attempts to exit, but thus far has not succeeded.
    Recently, the situation has become dire, and I fear that she is lost if I can't do anything.
    The finer details
    she's late 40's, I'm barely 18 so I can't relate brilliantly.
    I can appreciate here reasoning for wanting to go, she's in chronic pain and its unlikely to get better.
    She is not able to dive anymore-it was her support whenever things went bad.
    My judgement is clouded from my own troubles.
    I don't want to lose her, for I am already in grave trouble myself again and am barely floating myself atm.

    I don't want to lose her but feel there's nothing I can say to help her, nothing I can do to help her.
    I guess I feel selfish cos I want her to stay for my own reasons too.
    Since she's not currently threatening, I don't think I can really initiate an 'emergency response' so to speak from professionals.
    Oh, and since Im suffering in silence, riveted by my own fear, I can hardly be massively hypocritical either.

    I'm looking for suggestions, ideas, anything really to help my friend, to reduce the pressure on myself
    Im near the end of my tether, trying to keep my grades up in uni, yet fostering this.
    Help please,

    By the way, if there's a more appropriate area for the thread, put it where it should be, im still new at this.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hi hun first off you need to look after YOU okay ONly if you are well can you help your friend So YOU talk to councillors at your school and get help for you now get the support you need to get stable Your friend needs seperate support system away from you get therapy councilling for her okay If she is threatening suicide then you call doctor hospital and keep her safe there until they stabilize her. Please hun take care of YOU first most hugs
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