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I finally admitted that the only reason I am still alive is that I don't want to make two people in my life angry at me for killing myself. That though seems hardly like a very good reason to live though. They are not people that will even be around for a long time. I just don't want them to be mad at me. It's such a pattern in my life, I suffer to no end just so other people don't feel bad.
I feel trapped and hopeless.


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are you getting any treatment for your depression/illness?

As hard as it is, taking charge and actually getting the help you need can be uplifting in itself.


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Just wanted to send love and hugs from one trapped soul to another. Is there anyone you could ring or speak to about how you're feeling? Or make an appt with your G.P. ? I know things feel hopeless but keep reaching out ok, its good that you're still here. I also know that its when things are tough its hardest to reach out, but I hope you can.
P.M. Box is always open.

Take care and be kind to yourself.


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please don't do anything to hurt yourself. i often don't know what to say because i'm stuck in neutral and scared i might say something wrong. i think that way too back a few months ago i thought about how it would hurt my mom if i took myself out. there has to be a way to get better. so maybe talking to a counselor would be of some use and maybe they can lead you to somewhere to help?
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