Worst day ever

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    Horrible day. A veritable comedy of errors that started small and built, super crescendo, until it exploded.

    In brief, a great run started the day, and then mayhem broke loose in the office. I managed to put out fires, take care of everyone, get through a maddening conference call run by my evil nemesis (her nickname at work is The Nazi) and thought the worst was behind me. Things escalated until the day culminated in my electricity being cut off. My missing the payment date by one day and I didn't bloody realize it (not in time!). I made a $300.00 payment online....but they did NOT add that to my total (which is only roughly $426.00) and they are demanding $352.48 to get the electricity turned back on. . . . duh I already pay 300.00 of it!!!! Tried to pay the additional $52.48 and they will ONLY take one payment per day, from someone!? WTF? omfg, you're kidding, right?

    Nope. Holy shit. So. . . . . though I have the money to have the gd electricity turned on, they are CLOSED, only can reach an automated machine that will not accept payment from me!

    Camped out in my youngest daughter's bedroom at my ex-husband's house......(she's at a sleepover, picture day tomorrow and she's helping her friend do her hair) and oldest daughter away at university. (he's at a pro baseball game, but will be home soon.) :( Worst place I could be.

    Although I'm happy in all other aspects of my life, at the moment, financially I'm struggling. I can't keep on like this, I work two jobs, I live very frugally, but I live in a very expensive place and I just can't make it. I'm getting tired of all the struggle, only to get nowhere. If the universe was kind, it would let me have a heart attack or a one car crash. I don't want to hurt anyone, I just can't make ends meet, no matter what I do.

    I apologize for the self-pity, and I thank you for allowing me to vent this vitriol and despair.
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    I don't disagree that this whole power thing is stupid? I mean clearly you are trying here, but nobody is giving you a break...

    That IS stupid, and just plain rude of anyone on the other end of that company. Can you switch power companies after this, or there is no choice in the matter?

    That also sounds like a very expensive power bill; might just be your area, and maybe that is the norm for the place where you live; not sure, but just for power... that does seem awfully high.

    I know you said that you are at the ex's house. I imagine that must feel very intense and heavy, and anxiety filled; but at least he has not just turned you down or shut you out completely. Might not be the perfect partner, or anything like that for you; but as a human being, to give you somewhere to be, when your own power is being cut, is decent of him. (I get from your tone that you do realize this too... and are appreciative of that fact).

    It sounds like when you try, you fail... and it just builds and builds, that even when you are doing your best, it's still not even 1% of what everyone else is asking of you, or requiring from your end.

    I absolutely understand your frustration with never being able to get a break, even when you are going well out of your way to fix things, or make things right. This power example here, I imagine is just a small example of what you have to deal with each day, and week, and year in your life... things that just get beyond messy, and even when you have the means to fix it, nobody wants to hear you, or let you... and it's all just for nothing.

    You said that you live in a very expensive place; is it possible to move, or get a room-mate; or go to a different town/city?

    I see that children are involved here, I imagine you want to be in some part of their lives? But it also sounds like they are kind of developing their own little worlds now, and might not need you there for every single little step... ? I am saying this, because maybe they would let you go and help yourself, or move, or they would be fine if you did that etc...?

    Just wondering about that... if maybe you need to allow yourself the change of scenery, and situations, and living circumstances; if possible?

    Something in your life has gotta give for you to not feel like every road driven is just leading to a dead end. A very dear friend of mine, would sometimes remind me that if we keep doing what we have always done, that we will keep getting what we have always gotten.

    I guess, even though you are doing what you can; it's still always only putting back into the things that are not working for you in the first place. You said your place is expensive, so you would fight in the future too to be paying the bills and managing it etc... so is putting the effort into that situation, even the right decision for you, or the best one now?

    That is why I am asking you, is it possible to move to another city, or town; or just change living situations, or get a room-mate etc...?

    Something, in a different direction this time, that maybe can ease up on you financially, or give you a way to have healthy and useful benefits from your efforts in the future?