Worth Dying For....

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    Living is a lot of trouble .
    You get all these problems...you deal with these impossible people.
    And the worst them...those demons.
    "demons don't live under you bed,
    They live inside your head..."

    Born from within me.from my own thoughts and darkest fears...like dementors....they cocoon me and torture my very soul.

    we all have them .
    They get pregnant on all the bullshit we go through and give birth to those....those sucidal thoughts.

    They haunt our dreams
    They steal our dreams
    They poison us within
    They don't leave

    Throughout our time we battle them
    we come out scarred.we isolate ourselves from normal.non sucidal people .
    These demons are invisible to them.
    Anyways in talking bullshit.

    My point is.....

    All lives ..in the end are rewarded with death .
    Apparently its the peace we work all our lives for.
    I just hope death is beautiful.
    I hope its worth dying for.
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    Please try to fight these thoughts. What is happening?
    It's not worth dying over, however it's worth getting help for!

    It's a beautiful poem but a very sad conclusion. Please take care of yourself hun. You deserve it
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  3. Yoko

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    My theory is that death is not worth dying for. It's worth correcting the imbalance going on in your mind. Life is worth fighting for. Happiness is worth fighting for.

    Death is the end of all thinking. It's the absolute end of you. I don't want you to die. You are a beautiful person who deserves to see happiness. It's difficult to fight for. I know. I've been fighting for years.

    Please don't give up on yourself.
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