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  1. Worthless

    Like a crypt of discarded emotions,
    I fall into what once were my eyes;
    Each new day tarnished, by blue shaded wounds,
    Life knotted by tormenting lies.
    Left are the choices, enforced by your cold,
    As my name splinters frost from your stone;
    “Meaningless”, “nothing”, you choke me with shards,
    How did I ever believe you were home?
    Trespasser child, no blood we did share,
    Aborted, once suffered in frames;
    Competing, on empty, with no chance of winning,
    For a prize that seemed shadowed with shame.
    Witness to murder, you shall not remember,
    The fragments of smiles and fair hair;
    This black blood tar,
    The despondent values carved inside,
    As my inner betrayals soon re surface;
    No words to describe this spiritless cage,
    As your piercing eyes scream, “You are worthless”.
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