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Would anyone b3 able to offer an opinion?

so I have written before about my every other day depression. Spoke to my dr. He wants me to give it another 2 weeks on the current higher dosage of medication that I am on and we will talk again. I am now finding that I feel shitty all day but then around 5 pm I feel ‘better’....get some stuff done and make plans for the next day...plans that never happen. energy level is high and my mood is improved. I am keeping a chart for my dr. Has anyone ever experienced this? Thanks...


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I have experienced this. It could have to do with a number things. I am by nature a night owl, so for me I know that is part of it. I'm not a morning person, and will never be more productive in the morning. That is not true for all people though. It also has to do with how much light there in the morning and when I take my medication. The time of day you take your meds can make a difference in your moods. If I take my night meds too late, I'm a complete waste for most of the next day.
Interesting about the timing of meds...took mine last night very late and feel like shit today. I will try taking them earlier in the day...like now...and see what happens.
I used to be a morning person with lots of get up and go. Now I can barely get out of bed.
Thank you.

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