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Would anyone like to talk?

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by JMAnonymous, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. JMAnonymous

    JMAnonymous Member

    Hey guys I'm new here and don't have anyone that I know that I can talk to. I have tried psychologists and doctors and friends but none of them seem to understand what I'm going through. I have no luck getting a job after college and my parents want to kick me out even though I can't afford it. If I get kicked out and run out of my little money that I have I'm afraid I'll try to commit again. Anyone who wants to help each other out and listen and cope with each other would be greatly appreciated. thank you.
  2. Buster 25

    Buster 25 New Member

    Why do your parents want to kick you out right out of college? What about just a run of the mill job that doesn't require a college degree, i.e. something relatively menial, that will pay enough to cover the basics like rent and food.
    Friends and family members who lack personal experience with mental illness are unlikely to understand or have any empathy for you. In my family mental health problems (my extended family is riddled with them!) are never discussed and regarded as shameful, weakness, or moral failures.
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  3. JMAnonymous

    JMAnonymous Member

    I believe that they think of me as a failure and low life. I have had a medical marijuana card and they absolutely hated it. I stopped smoking a few months ago but they say that they just want to live their own life and expected me to be out of the house years ago. (I’m 24 now) Thank you for the advice to find a better job that doesn’t really require a degree for the mean time. I guess I’m just stubborn and want to find something that will benefit me for the “experience” section that almost all engineering jobs require. I’m about at the place where I might consider selling insurance or something (those companies have called me asking if I’m interested) as opposed to my minimum wage college job that I still have.
  4. JMAnonymous

    JMAnonymous Member

    And yes I totally agree that people almost need to have experience with mental issues in order to help, hence the reason I have come here. They always just say things like “get over it” or “how can you feel this way you have everything” and it’s just so hard to talk to them because even I don’t understand why I’m feeling this way it’s just how I am. I’m happy to hear mental problems aren’t viewed that way in your family. I hope you’re doing well and everything is okay with you!:)
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