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Would high school girls think it's weird to have never had a kiss?


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ok, well i'm 17, and have never been in any real relationship, never been kissed, kissed anyone, or anything. It's mainly because I'm really shy around girls, and I always end up shutting myslef out out of fear that I'll screw it up, even though shutting myself out of conversations is screwing up in itself (catch-22 For the win!)

Would the average high school girl think i'm weird and be turned off right away? I really want a legitimate relationship, but I get all nervous...


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I don't think that's weird at all. I know someone who had their first kiss last year at 21.
yeah, it's just that my friend's sister and her friend (two very popular, very pretty girls now freshman in college) got into this deep conversation, I jumped in, and I ended up telling them and they were like "aaawww that's so cute! It's fine." They sounded pretty sincere at the time, but the more I thought about it, the more I felt like they were mocking me.


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It all really depends on the girl. Some girls prefer a guy with experience, even when it comes to kissing, and others prefer a guy who hasn't been with many other girls whether it be kissing or anything more. At the end of the day if you find a girl that is turned off by the fact that you've never kissed another girl, then they're probably not a very nice person to be with anyway.

So really, there is no definite answer to your question. It's like asking the same question but reversing it to be about what men think of girls that haven't kissed someone before; everyone see's it differently. If it really worries you that much, just don't tell girls you've never been kissed before. Girls like a bit of mystery in a guy, so it'll just add to attraction.


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really? I thought that if you give a vague answer a girl wouldn't like it. Well, you'd probably know more about than me, after all :P


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You don't really have to answer at all. You could use the situation to let her know how sensitive you are or to flirt and joke around. Examples:

Her: "So, how many girls have you kissed before?"
You: "I don't really keep a record of that kinda thing.. it's not a game, there's no keeping score, at least not for me".

Her: "So, how many girls have you kissed before?"
You: "Why d'you want to know? (jokey, flirty tone)"
Her: "Just wondering (or something similar)"
You: "What else do you wonder about me? (again, jokey, flirty tone)"

And go from there.. falling back on the first example if you absolutely HAVE to reply. Though hopefully you'll also kinda mean it. You want the girl to want to be around you more and find out more about you. She won't want that if she already knows everything she wants to from the first conversation you have. Keep her guessing and intrigued and she'll seek out your company more often.


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ExtraSoap, I'm female, and I didn't date until I was 19 years old. I don't think you need to worry. Go out and have fun! :)
nope, i think it's kind of sweet. as long as you are genuine and honest i dont see why it's an issue -- it's only an issue if you choose to make it one.

personally, i really couldn't give a rats if it was me. there's more important things.

confidence and personality > the amount of girls you've kissed.


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umm i dont think they would. however people thought it was weird and got turned off when i was a 20 year old virgin :/ no pressure though...

but i did have a friend on a game who was a 23 year old guy and had never been kissed or been in a relationship, if that makes you feel any better


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If they form an opinion of you based on something so banal as that, then you have to ask yourself, are they really the kind of people you want to be involved with?


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I think you deserve better than that, and you need to think it as well. Dont compromise on who you let into your life, you should only surround yourself with people who make you happy, and who can add value to your life.


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Yeah, after looking at this thread, I'm really embarrassed now to tell anyone of my age and the fact that I've never done "anything" with a girl. You'll all laugh me out of the room. :(
It's okay to not have kissed a girl being in high school, although getting some experience with women wouldn't hurt, it will aid you in being more confident. Just think you can still possibly have that first kiss with someone you really care about and have a long term relationship with.

Being a guy if a girl is willing to hang out with you alone that's a good sign she likes you and is willing it be intimate. When I was younger like 13 I would have girls like me and we would be in a relationship but I didn't know how to put the moves on them. Obviously nothing happened in those relationships. With lot's of women or girls you have a window so to speak where their attracted to you and if u don't put the moves on her she'll lose interest.

I read somewhere there's a test to see if a girl wants you to kiss her, where you play with her hair, looking into her eyes then look at her lips. I've personally never used it. I'f I'm alone with a girl I like often I'll put my arm around her and kinda cuddle not before long I'll kiss her and then things progress.

Kinda off topic but some women put up some resistance, which they want you to fight through, it's almost like a test to see if you're persistent enough, to put effort in and not just give up quickly. In some cases it's largely a way for them to avoid feeling easy while you put the moves on them. You gotta be careful though not to overstep with someone who isn't willing.

For example in 2008 I saw this girl and I watched a movie over at her place, in her room, she kinda did the resistance move on me, I didn't try to go all the way with her but later she told me she would have and wanted to go further with me, despite me not feeling the full green light vibe if you get what I'm saying.
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