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Would high school girls think it's weird to have never had a kiss?


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Yeah, after looking at this thread, I'm really embarrassed now to tell anyone of my age and the fact that I've never done "anything" with a girl. You'll all laugh me out of the room. :(
false. I doubt anyone here would be that much of a dick. There is no reason for anyone to react that way. There's nothing wrong with it, it's just frustrating for me that I havent found a special person who feels the same way about me.


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The reason you think you're alone or weird or whatever is because it's not the kind of thing that people are honest about, mostly because they feel the same way that you do… and they don't want to talk about it. And you kids nowadays think that you have to be a total ***** like Paris Hilton or you're never going to have sex and will die miserable and alone.

I know it's super lame but when I was your age (this was in the 90s, I'm not THAT old, and I HOPE things haven't changed that much) I just used to ask a girl if she wanted to go out with me-- they would usually laugh at me and think I was a dork and I really really was, but when they said yes I would be happy. It's like totally a 1950s thing to do but it worked for me! Well, not always… yeah, there was one girl who didn't like it, but ah well. Of course, I talked to them first and things were headed that way… I just wanted to be sure.

Then it was like this horrible agonizing process of working up the nerve to kiss her… man oh man that took a while… and I always did it at the weirdest times, but I think I could sort of explain my way out of the weirdness by acting like it was part of my charm. Anyways I just went really slow and step by step until eventually I was comfortable with everything and she was comfortable with everything… it's much better than doing everything at once because every time you push forward it's like this exciting surprise.

I can't do that anymore because I'm old and mature people tend to get right to the point (which is actually really boring)… but anyways, you shouldn't feel like you have to define yourself according to anyone else-- even if you were 30 and a virgin it wouldn't matter as long as you were doing what you wanted to be doing.

Oh yeah, and things might be different if you live in a big city or something… I grew up in a small town where there were lots of people who were pretty naive and such.


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At the end of the day if you find a girl that is turned off by the fact that you've never kissed another girl, then they're probably not a very nice person to be with anyway.
I don't know about this… you can't really hold it against someone if they want someone with experience-- it's just how they roll. I think you should be open about everything all the time because if you go into a relationship hiding something then you won't be able to pull it off and they'll get upset about that.

But still, the people who don't care about that are probably easier to get along with if you're inexperienced.


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Honest advice, if it seem's to be that big of a problem, lie.

no i am not advocating lying as a solution to all your problems, but there's an old saying
"If you don't know how it works, fake it till you make it"
so, just give a number, not to high, not to low (say like 4-5??) but add something to the extent of what someone above me said "i don't keep count cause its not important" and it will work out for you if you are really that concerned about it, again though:: I AM NOT ADVOCATING LYING!


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I don't know, I just feel trapped sometimes by my socail awkwardness and just overall lack of swag. I've got the swagger of a cripple, basically. (no offense to anyone who is crippled, just proving a point).


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so, i told you what SWAG stands for, just start swaging it, everyone is shooting in the dark so to speak when it comes to women, hell, I'm married, and I DONT EVEN KNOW what I'm doing...
guys never really figure it out, i promise, we all walk around clueless for most of our lives...its just the way we are. my wife will say something and i will be like yea, uh huh, yea, yep...having no idea what she means, then she will come back an hr later and be like so did u think about it? and I'm like uh what?

we just NEVER understand women, ever, so swag it.

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