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  1. So during the times I feel suicidal, I have these thoughts. I'm afraid to go into detail, but it basically involves taking the lives of close loved ones if I decided to end mine. Now, if I went to a therapist and told them that, even though somehow in my screwed up mind I feel like I'm doing these loved ones a favor and protecting them rather than doing it from anger or spite...how much information can they keep confidential? Does it depend on how ready or serious I am? Whether I took action? I don't want them calling CPS just to avoid a disaster. But I don't want to go on with these awful thoughts. Its all I think about sometimes. They make so much sense to me, but my husband reminds me of how ridiculous and selfish it is to even think so. I'm just starting to think unrealistically and I want help, but I don't want to get in trouble. Should I just not worry and tell the therapist everything?
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    i think a therapist has to inform the authorities if he/she believes you pose a threat to your own life or to others, which to be honest is fair.
    if you are seriously considering harming others then i think you need serious help right now, maybe being commited will be best for you until you sort these feelings out.
    to be honset this seems way over my head as i would only commit suicide not murder, which is what you are saying, any way you look at it or try to rationalise it, its still the same.

    seek help, be honest and i hope these feelings will go away
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    Hi there & welcome to SF,

    I'm not sure where you're based but certainly in the UK you can be detained under the Mental Health Act if you're deemed to be at risk to yourself or others. I have been at risk many times & never been sectioned but I'm not really sure how it works when there are others at risk. I vaguely recall reading something that said stating your feelings wouldn't be enough for you to be detained, I think they need to be satisfied that you have an actual plan & have the means & intention to carry your plan out>>>>I'm not sure how true that is though, cause like I said I can only vaguely remember reading it.

    I would be honest with your therapist, the fact that you want help shows you are trying to work through your issues & they are the best people to help with that. Are you taking any meds at the moment?

    Take care xx
  4. rojomi

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    yes you would
  5. Okay, well now I'm scared to talk. Yes I'm on meds. Klonopin/vyvanse, I'm located in Texas.
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    I'm not too sure how things work in the US hun :hug: I don't know much about your meds either but there's always a chance they could be affecting how you feel/think?

    I would still be honest with your therapist, they are there to help you as are we.
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    I think you should speak to your therapist, they will be able to judge whether these feelings you are having are perhaps to do with your meds, whether it is just thoughts that are plaguing you, or whether you are a real risk to your loved ones, because if you are feeling this low, you might not be the best one to judge at the moment. I know the prospect will be scary, and yes, they might decide that for a time you need hospitalised, but i am sure you know deep down you don't want to hurt your family, you obviously love them and care about them to be considering them when you look at your feelings.

    I have been sectioned involuntarily once, and at the time, i thought it was unreasonable, that there was something terrible about me, that i was mad and that was it for me, but it wasn't, they helped me stabilise my medication and work through the really black period i was going through, and although i won't lie and say it was a good experience, it was something i needed at the time.

    That is not to say you will go through the same thing, your therapist may be able to help you work through this and help you feel more stable without it having to escalate any further than that, but if you just leave it to fester, then you might end up doing something that i know you don't want to do.

    Please don't fear getting help, you deserve it and so does your family.

    Take care

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