Would I survive in an office environment?

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by eagles_fan, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. eagles_fan

    eagles_fan Well-Known Member

    Someone here tell me what it's like. I hear it's very cutthroat, with politics of a sort. I need better people skills, which I'm pretty damn sure are 100% necessary for an office workplace. I'm not a very social person, either. I can probably come off as a little rude sometimes, but I never really mean it.
  2. lachrymose27

    lachrymose27 Well-Known Member

    i applied to like two office jobs. never worked in an "office" setting... wouldn't know how it is unless you experience it for yourself right?
  3. BeautifullyChaotic

    BeautifullyChaotic Well-Known Member

    It's like high school, all over again.
    Everyone talks about everyone, there's always one guy that does twice as much work as everyone else and everyone seems to hate him for it and someone is always screwing someone they shouldn't be screwing.
  4. nolonger

    nolonger Well-Known Member

    looks like ill never get an office job then lol.
  5. eagles_fan

    eagles_fan Well-Known Member

    Geez, really?
    I wanted to avoid going into any environments like high school, but my aspirations may not allow for that.
  6. Kiba

    Kiba Well-Known Member

    I would prob myself still apply for that kind of job.. I mean you never know.. One office may be different then another.. But who knows..
  7. BeautifullyChaotic

    BeautifullyChaotic Well-Known Member

    It's really no problem if you keep to your work and don't get sucked into the office drama. I was always the one doing more work than everyone else, they hated me for it, gossiped about me and called me a kiss ass, but when it came time to hand out raises at the end of the year I got one, so woohoo for me lol. Just be careful who you choose to socialize with and don't get pulled into the bs, do your job and get paid and you will be fine.
  8. Acy

    Acy Mama Bear - TLC, Common Sense Staff Member Safety & Support

    I think offices vary, depending on the people. How others behave and think can affect how the people around them behave and think. And that more or less determines how we "feel" in a job. A good atmosphere lets you do your job, learn more, do more, get recognition and appreciation for that, and advance in duties and pay.

    Gossip is actually pretty "normal" in any group - depending on the purpose and nature of the gossip of course.

    Think about how you feel about being talked about. If all they can say is that you're a good worker, then you don't really have any worries.

    If, however, others treat you badly and that affects your work negatively, it can be, but isn't necessarily, a hell-ride to go in to the office day after day.

    It really depends. :dunno: