Would it be right to end me?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by _hm_, Oct 2, 2016.

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  1. _hm_

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    I'm hm, a 23 old male living in pain for 4 years. I'm not a good talker, mostly because i rarely talk to people. I suffer from loneliness that turned into emptiness. My life is empty, i have no reason to live for. Society, family and friends rejected me since 2012 and I'm living alone. No one to share my feelings with, no one to care about. I forgot how it feels to be happy, to feel something good... A question is revolving around my head for years now: is it right to end my life? Every day I'm suffering more, every day i wish to die. A part of me wants to end me, another part is keeping me from doing so. <mod edit- methods> Every day before i sleep i think of ending my life and sleep for ever, but a part of me tells me to wait, maybe something good would happen, maybe i could feel good things again. I'm really struggling, i don't know what to do, end my life and be free from my pain, or keep living with hope, even if this hope is decaying each day...
    Sorry if I'm not a good talker or writer, if you understood what i said, tel me what you think of the dilemma i live in.
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    Hello Hm, welcome to the forum. Is it physical or mental pain you're living with? I know depression and loneliness can be difficult to deal with. I don't have a lot of social interaction myself due to anxiety, but I force myself to go out at least once a day and walk in the woods with my dog. Hope is something to hang on to. You're young and have plenty of time for things to change and believe me they can change quickly and for the better. Hold onto that hope and don't give up on yourself, there's still a lot of beauty in life that makes it worth living. The people on this site deal with all sorts of pain and we support each other as best we can. Keep on posting and glad to meet you.
    Btw there's a chat room that's quite active, you'll meet some friends there.
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    Why do you think that your family and friends rejected you in 2012? Did something happen to you?
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