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ok so ive been in touch with my parents over the weekend , and its triggered me to being around them but not just for the fact of the abuse from them as a child but also the fact that there house is a constant reminder of that fucken Earthquake back in Feb .

i went over and had lunch with them for easter, they were telling me about there house situation : one end has sunk 8cm compared to the other end of the house , cracks right thru concetre foundations , cant open some doors and windows , water leaking inside thru a door that wont seal , broken window that cant be replaced as frame is warped ... not to meantion all the contents that theyve lost ....

im so angry at the whole sitiuation , they may have to continue living in this house for up to 2 years while insurance companys and EQC get there act together about there neighbourhood , already 5 houses in there street are destented to be bulldozed down , and wether they will alow to be built there again is another can of worms .

its not fair that they have worked so hard for so long now and have it all taken away from them , :( . for me my house is shaking everytime a vehcieal goes past cos its off the foundations :sigh: why is it that we have to go thru all this its really not fair .... if the quake wasnt bad enough and the trauma from that , but now the aftermath of getting re built will torment us for atleast the next 5 years they are saying ... FFS


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first of all i cant imagine what it was like for you and everyone affected by the quake and as usual once the initial impact has been reported we never get to hear about the ongoing problems and i would like to extend my thoughts to everyone in NZ still suffering.

my other thought in your case is maybe just maybe your house having to be rebuilt might prove to be good in that the triggers in the house will be gone so hopefully less pressure and if you dont recognise the house it takes a bit of triggering off you when you visit. i am just looking for a positive in something so bad on many levels.

you will have mixed emotions about the house understandably but try to see how it might be a blessing in disguise. regarding your parents, well thats another issue, but one step at a time. :hug:
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