Would this be considered normal? Or extreme, stupid?

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    I've been wondering, about a few things and since I am in a near identical situation, thought to bring it up to the forums for some advice or help on the matter.


    Uhm. Is it normal to just be in love with one girl? I mean, not being able to get over the one girl you ever dated. Unable to move on, or feel attracted to other girls. The only female in your world would be her. Or him, if you are a female with the same kind of issue.

    The one girl you love would like to be with you in the future, but that's not until a few years from now. Is it normal to Y'know? Feel worried, awkward, jealous, while you are waiting for the years to pass?

    I'd like to have some advice on the matter, it's quite important, as i'm dealing with a similiar situation. Thanks for reading though, and for any advice given.

  2. aoeu

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    It's hard to fall out of love sometimes, and it can suck.
  3. Shattered Soldier

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    This is a touchy subject and I don't want to risk sounding judgmental since I know very little about your current situation but I'd say its bordering on extreme. As a depressed person I have found it common for myself to become obsessed with people and things that have brought me pleasure in the past. Since relationships have brought me the most pleasure in my entire life I find myself going back to them in my mind quite often, so much in fact that they sometimes appear to be the only things in the world that could ever make me happy. While I think its great that you have the loyalty to want to stick with one person in your mind, heart, and soul, sometimes it can get to the point where it consumes you and becomes detrimental. Just try to keep your thoughts about this person in check and make sure it isn't the only thing you think about or else you'll only be setting yourself up for disappointment.
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    i too have been in this situation. i would guess that means its normal, or we are both stupid! one thing to remember though is not to think about it too much. it is really bloody hard, i know, but its the only thing thats going to get you through the way your feeling. im not very good with this whole advice thing but i would like you to know im here if you need any or just a friend :smile: