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Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by Tecky, Sep 28, 2008.

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  1. Tecky

    Tecky Well-Known Member

    I am starting my new job today.

    A 32 year old man (me) working in an office filled with 18 year olds... I can see major drama and conflict in the future. Maybe I won't even last the day. The manager actually told me I will be reporting to supervisors as young as 18. I wonder what those kids will be like?

    Anyway, I made a resolution to keep to myself. I won't even do lunch with them. Less contact means less conflict in my opinion. But I suppose I will still have to say good morning to people or ask someone where the files are kept or something.

    So do you folks think this will make a good story? I will update this thread tonight when I return home from work!

  2. ecorg911

    ecorg911 Active Member

    Certianly sounds like an intersting situation, although I don't think anyone can tell how this ones going to pan out. It will be very much dependant on where you work and what type of job sector it is ^_^
  3. Tecky

    Tecky Well-Known Member

    Well I am back from work and what a day!

    It started with me sprinting from the train station to the office because I was running late. So I arrived slightly late, sweating my shirt so wet it was nearly transparent, and greeted my new colleagues with sweaty palms.

    There were just the 2 in the training room at first. A guy (who isn't interesting enough to write about at this point), and a middle-aged woman who peppered the training session with inane questions. For example, when the training notes we received clearly stated 'no flip-flops at the workplace' and right after the trainer told us 'no slippers', she asked if we could wear footwear that 'looked like slippers'... She would have provided me with some good material for my story but for the fact that she went home at lunch and never came back.

    That's Casualty #1.

    During the day long training session, the trainer behaved like a class A asshole. He picked on this girl (Sam's her name) first by poking fun at her choice of major (she's an art school student). That was quite humiliating to her I can tell. He drew her out by asking what was her major in school, and when she told him, he made fun of art students by belittling them. How was that helpful to the training process I don't know.

    The trainer was mean to her throughout the whole day, and scolded her when she couldn't get the hang of the program we were supposed to use for work. She wasn't the only victim. I got my share of scoldings too. And humiliation. I bought an empty backpack to work today because I was planning to visit the library after work. So Major Asshole there flicked my bag and asked what was the point of an empty bag. That was so high school. He tried to draw me out the same way he did to the girl too. When I was hesitating with the program, he asked me what was my previous job. I knew he meant to humilate me so I told him I had no work experience. There. That stopped him in his tracks.

    The training day ended with the girl being scolded in front of our little class because she was unsure of a program she just used for the first time today. So it was no surprise to me when she told me after class she intended to resign right there and then. I was actually entertaining the same thought but wanted to see how the second day went before I made up my mind. Anyway, I stayed with her while she made the call to the job agency and later when she did her exit interview with the managers.

    So Sam (the girl) was Casualty #2.

    I will most probably show up for work tomorrow. I am going to give it another shot and even if things don't go well, I will have more material for my story!

  4. effervescentpsyche

    effervescentpsyche Well-Known Member

    wow thank god that girl wasn't me...I would have reemed him a new one. I'd be like do you know what harrasment is? You really need to not harrass me and embarass me I'd hate to report your arse on the first day. I hate people like that.
  5. Tecky

    Tecky Well-Known Member

    2nd day at work went smoothly without incident.

    I was introduced to my colleagues and they were all really nice and helpful. I couldn't help thinking that if they were the ones training us on our first day, the girl (Sam) wouldn't have left.

    There might be some interesting stories coming up later, because:

    a) There's actually a workload quota. You have to handle a certain number of cases each day or you will hold up the whole department. Would they still be as nice to me when I screw up?

    b) I openly told my new colleagues I hated the asshole trainer and was overheard by a manager. So we shall see if this thing gets reported all the way back to the trainer or not.

  6. Eric

    Eric Well-Known Member

    What's your job and how old are the trainer and the manager?

    I'm afraid that's not the best way to handle things IMO. You should, on the contrary, befriend them ;)
  7. lifeisashedog

    lifeisashedog Well-Known Member

    More, more please!!! :Jumpy: Continue your story and someday you might copypaste this tread and publish it as a modernist diary novel. You will make us all famous. :cool:
  8. Tecky

    Tecky Well-Known Member

    The 3rd and 4th day went by in a blur. I was assigned to learn how to do the data entry for the issuing of vouchers under this really attractive college graduate who wanted to go into teaching once she leaves the office.

    Vouchers... are tricky. To issue a voucher and print it out successfully, I have to learn many steps. Luckily, College Girl was not only sweet looking but she had a sweet disposition as well. She slowed down her usually speedy pace and let me copy detailed notes about every single step of the complex operation. Just like a patient school teacher. :)

    The 3rd day ended on a satisfactory note and I left the office with a bundle of detailed notes. With them, I should be able to handle the Voucher operations once she is gone. Did I mention College Girl is already gone? Her last day was on my 4th day at the office. Nothing awful happened. She was already planning to leave for her new career way before I came in. A pity, but there you go.

    On the 4th day, my typing speed was put to the test. Did you know College Girl could type out commands with one hand? That beat my touch typing hands down - no puns intended. Try hitting the 'Ctrl', 'a' and 'c' keys with one hand. That is a valuable skill to have when you want to copy and paste large amount of data.

    Also happening on the 4th day, Unassuming Guy who wasn't interesting enough to mention on the 1st day returned to my story. Once our shift starts, he came over informed me he just gave his notice. So he will be leaving in 2 weeks. Wow... We have Casualty #3 here.

    He told me over lunch that the reason was because of the asshole trainer. According to his story, Major Asshole told him in front of witnesses that since training was over, Major Asshole can afford to be a real bastard - as if he wasn't a bastard before. That apparently was the feather that broke the camel's back. But the puzzling thing was: according to Unassuming Guy, Major Asshole only gave the bastard speech AFTER Unassuming Guy's resignation was handed in. So what happened before that made Unassuming Guy quit? Unassuming Guy would only just refer to Major Asshole's character which was already known to us all on day one. So why didn't Unassuming Guy leave with the girls then? I suspect Unassuming Guy had other reasons but found it easier to refer to Major Asshole's abusive behaviour.

    I was worked up naturally. We were already 2 men short and with most of the old staff leaving for studies or career, we were really low on manpower. So I suggested that I confront Major Asshole and find out what he meant. Because if he was going to be a 'bastard', and with the overwhelming workload I knew I was going to receive, then I don't fancy my future in the department. Unassuming Guy did not react in the way I expected him to. He actually insisted that I kept quiet about this, and tried to persuade me to ignore Major Asshole. Unassuming Guy even went so far as to say maybe things won't be that bad with Major Asshole... That coming from a guy who just resigned because he couldn't stand Major Asshole. Something's not kosher I thought.

    I kept my mouth shut for most of the day. But at the end of the shift, after a particularly difficult execution of Voucher operations, my resolve broke and I spoke to the supervisor. I had to! The job looked difficult enough as it was and if some trainer's going to be a 'bastard', I want to know! Unassuming Guy was just too selfish when he insisted I kept my mouth shut. He resigned so he should not fear any retribution, and the trainer did speak his warning in full view of witnesses. That's hardly private knowledge anymore. I deserved the right to protect myself with forearmed knowledge!

    The 4th day ended with the supervisor assuring me the trainer really had no jurisdiction over my department so no matter how 'bastard' he intended to be, there was really minimal impact on me.

    We shall see. I return later today for the 5th day at work. And now I shall go to bed.

  9. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    I hope treatment of the employess goes much better than it has for you as trainees. they may be testing all of you to see what kind of longetivity you may have. You know, the strong survive menatlity?
  10. Tecky

    Tecky Well-Known Member

    Sunday, the 5th day of work went well enough. There was little work to be done, and that gave me the luxury to proceed with a leisurely pace. I chatted over nothing with this girl who was my partner for the day.

    Monday, the 6th day of my work ended 3 hours ago. It ended badly. It actually started badly for me too. You see, I am one of those guys who like making detailed notes (Powerpoint flow-chart style) and rely on those notes to operate unfamilar programs. Since it was the first time I went solo without a trainer, I brought out my notes and executed the operations step by meticulous step. And I got a scolding from one of my colleagues (who wasn't designated as my trainer even). She (let's call her Scarf Girl) told me to rely on my memory instead and insisted that I not rely on notes!

    That kinda threw me off balance and I got confused halfway. Her rationale was that I should be proficient enough already as I had been trained. I told her I was, that's where all those flow-charts and notes came from: my training stint. Besides, during training with College Girl (the nice one), she carried most of the work load herself. So when we got 50 requests for vouchers, she did 40 while I did 10. That wasn't real work experience. And Sunday, my first solo performance, saw little action.

    Because she insisted I not refer to my wonderful flow-charts, scolded me even, I was off balance and consequently everything else went wrong for me. I actually printed over a voucher she already printed - by accident of course. I was so confused! I needed my notes! Why did you think I went to all the trouble to make them?

    Later during the day, I swore loudly in the middle of the office when a supervisor insisted I asked for her permission before taking a voucher. I never needed to before and really, they don't require you to sign in or out for vouchers so why did it matter? I was just doing my damn job! It was a busy department, and sometimes maybe we don't have the time to spare? Besides, all vouchers are accounted for at the end of our shift anyway.

    I ended up doing the closing half an hour past the time our shift was supposed to end. Scarf Girl had to stay back as well and I think that didn't sit too well with her. Because she ignored me when we were signing out and when we reached the lift, she hit the 'Close' button right in my face. She actually asked me if I was going down, and when I said yes and walked forward, she hit the 'Close' button. Right in my face.

    That's funny because I was kinda expecting Major Asshole (the trainer) to do that to me after the way I screwed up today. BUT... He actually praised me in front of another supervisor! He didn't say much but a rough 'He's ok', which is certainly praise by his standards.

    Anyway, there won't be a 7th day. After today's disaster, I don't think the folks in my department want me anymore. And I am really not in the right frame of mind to 'grin and bear it'. I don't understand. I mean I wasn't that bothered having to stay back an extra half an hour, and I certainly wouldn't slam the lift doors in anyone's face, not even Major Asshole's. Scarf Girl must really hate me.

    I am sorry, my readers, but this story will come to a premature end when I turn in my resignation tomorrow. I probably won't get paid for just working the 7 days. Trust me. Lots of employers in Singapore do that sort of dirty deed.

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