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would you do this if given the chance?

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by White Dove, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    ok, I recently took a trip to Florida to visit my niece and her darling little sick baby my great niece, and BTW dawn is doing much better and has 1 final surgery to go thru, this final surgery they stop her tiny heart completely and flip it around and then restart it again so I will need many prayers for this tiny baby. she turned 1 year in April on 27 of this year. I have many updates and will post more photos of her when I get the time to do so. so if you can please keep her in your prayers little dawn merie blake.

    I recently went to Florida and had not planned on coming back but here I am back in Tennessee. anyhow the lady ( my sister in law ) who has been suspected of murdering my oldest brother, well she came back to Tennessee with me and is now staying with us. apparently she has had cancer ( leukemia ) and has some kind of rod put in her leg, she cant hardly walk and needed someone to take care of her so when she asked I accepted to take her in and care for her as well as care for my dad. I know she more then likely did murder my oldest brother and her own mother and I do not really have any proof at the moment that she did do it unless she confesses which if she does it will be recorded. anyhow she has a son named Charles who is TMH ( trainable mentally handicapped ) and he wants to move up here with her thus I am making another trip in 2 weeks to bring him up here then I will have 3 people to take care of and that will depend upon me and its like the Lord is telling me to do this in a way kind of. bible does say do good to others and even if they be an enemy to do good to them as well. now I don't really call her an enemy cause like the police in Florida there is no physical proof she killed him and without a confession they cant do anything. and my days on here and on other forums might be very limited because of taking patty and Charles and dad to doc appointments and all will be kind of rough but I think I can handle it.

    so I guess my question is if you had been given this same chance would you do it? would you be able to totally forgive someone who you and the police think killed your loved one? I have asked my self that question many times but then I think about Jesus, he forgave those who he did not even know for killing him.

    see patty has no family left in Florida, and her son cant take care of her because he is TMH and not able too and well Charles loves to fish and so do I so I guess I got me a fishing buddy now lol. just wanted to know what you all think, good or bad or whatever just let me know. oh and keep me in your prayers as I travel back to Florida over the labor day holiday. thanks
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    taking care of one person is hard enough you will get burn't out and not have anything left hun i know What does your dad feel about this having the women in his home that killed his son You have to think really the danger you may be putting others in by having her under your roof cancer or no cancer she is a threat. The child Charles yes he has done no wrong so take the child on if you have the time as you said you are looking after your father. Not an easy task being a caregiver i know i am now half the shell i use to be because i gave and gave and gave until there was nothing left of me Just saying in order to take care of all those people you better have supports for YOU in place hugs
    I will say prayers for your niece hun
  3. meaningless-vessel

    meaningless-vessel Well-Known Member

    With no hard proof - it is only suspicion.

    If you are a believer in a god, then the different faiths usually encourage forgiveness regardless of sins. Although in this case, the sin may not have been committed.

    I have to agree with TE on the caregiver idea - make sure you have support for yourself that you don't burn out - seek out local support because of that risk.
  4. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    dad is ok with this and in a way I am glad I am able to help her and her son. I know what you mean by being or feeling run down I already feel that way and I don't eat much anymore but hey I got to admit I am looking pretty good weight wise, lost 27 pounds in 2 months not bad now I just got to lose a few more.

    I know its gonna be hard to do this and yes I need support but the thing is I don't have any support at all with dad and now that patty and her son will soon be here I don't look at getting any support as I haven't had any at all with dad in anyway either. I used to have support of the church but since dad took cancer and went thru the whole thing by himself with no support of the church well we just quit going. I don't go to church anymore and they sure don't care at all to even call or come by, heck they never not once called to check on dad and they knew he had the cancer, they seen the huge knot on his face and they simply just didn't care. you know in a way it may be a suicide mission for me, you know work until it kills me then I can see my mom and older brother, and not have to be here where I am totally alone. no ones here to help me now and I know it wont change as they got their life's to deal with and I got mine. I was trying my best to work with the police department and to help with the volunteers and all and get money raised for them but even that's gone downhill a lot. they did take my advice 1 time about a car wash but not one wanted to volunteer to help, you cant help them get funds if none of the other members are wanting to volunteer time to help as well. 1 person cant do it all by themselves, its takes coordination among all volunteers and we could not even have a company picnic because no one wanted to come or anything. and me not being able to get a job anywhere as jobs are hard to find and my stupid past keeps getting in my way so why not? just take it all on and over work myself, not sleeping, not eating much, and you know what I posted a question like this to a forum where I have friends at the only and first reply was I think your crazy.. that's what they said, they think I am crazy well maybe I am. I am just so tired of everything and want to give up.

    hey also thanks for keeping dawn in your prayers and are we allowed to post links to photo sites? if so I have her photo on a photo site iof anyone wants to see a cute little baby girl.
  5. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    would but don't have any local support, never have had any I could turn too. yeah I really don't think she killed him at all because she has his photos and never wants to take them down, she doesn't ever want to re marry and wants to stay in the family but that could also be guilt.
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