Would you live such life?

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  1. nicesinging1

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    First of all, I was told many times by people that suicide is wrong and is a permanent solution to temporary problems. I was also told that suicide will never be justified and if you suicide, you will be sent straight to hell, whether you were good, kind person or not.
    I mostly agree with the above statements. But I am going to be realistic. I have already endured 10 years of severe depression and there is no guarantee that life will turn around. I go to bed every night wishing I die in my sleep. I often wonder I would rather suicide and be sent to hell because my current life is hellish enough that it can't be that much different. I am tired of humiliations, pains, sufferings, constant tries and failures and hopelessness.
    Would you live such life?
  2. zetaf

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    That is my life and I'm living it.
  3. Fishman

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    It is my life too, and I'm here.
  4. Once again, I will restate the obvious. Suicides do not go to hell.
  5. Reki

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    Nope, I most certainly would not, I'd do everything in my power to turn my luck around even if I had to create that luck myself.

    On the subject of Hell, a place that punishes people for their sins, I'd just like to throw something out there. Unless you decide to go and destroy the entire universe, your actions and the consequences of those actions will last until the end of the world at most, whenever or however that comes about. Thousands of years from now no one is going to know or care that you stole your mother's wallet to go buy crack or whathaveyou. I find it very hard to believe that a just and fair God would still leave you smoldering there in Hell for millions of years, long after any past transgressions have been forgotten and any trace of them wiped from existence. It doesn't make sense, like many things in...well, nevermind that. I wouldn't give Hell much more thought than I would give the boogeyman.