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Would you rather...

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The idea is to answer the "would you rather" question of the person above you and then post your own for the next person to answer.

I'll start.

Would you rather go through life only being able to listen to one song, or only being able to watch one movie/TV episode?

Mr. E

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one movie- I'll find one that has a lot of scores in it that I like

would you rather be devoid of emotion, never feeling pain (and also never joy), or you would rather experience emotion fully if it means feeling extraordinary pain, but also, at times, extraordinary joy.

(sorry, long winded question)

black orchid

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Good question! I would rather experience emotion fully, those few moments of happiness would make all the pain worthwhile.

Would you rather live in a country with no rain ever or one where it rains pretty much constantly?
Several good ones. I've always tended to only have one close one...

Would you rather...

...Go a year without your TV, or a year without your computer (assuming you couldn't watch anything on your computer)?


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I would rather go a year without my computer, not because it would be the easier to live with option, but because it would be great to see how I manage.

Would you rather spend a year in Prison or a year on a seculded island with nobody else for company.


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Hard one right here... Humanity is visually drive and its so much easier to get stuff done if you can see, but Im a musician so then there's that...

I guess Id rather be blind, but not by much.

Would you rather live in the middle of the Sahara desert or the fringes of the North Pole (not in a cozy science lab, eskimo style!)

Mr. E

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North Pole. Cooler is sweeter :)

would you rather find one true love, if it meant having to be without close friends and family, or would you rather have your friends and family but spend your life forever devoid of true (romantic) love.
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