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Would you take a lose memory pill?

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If you had the chance:

Would you choose to lose your complete memory and start all over again,

or would you choose to remember the life you live now?


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Sucky, Sucky, Sucky choices

life has been great for the most part even the downs had their place


If daily i could forget the pain...

Gawd what a sucky choice.

I guess i am out to lunch, although in desperation, if it made me forget the pain, I might break.


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I've lost a lot of good memories as the main side effect from ECT. One memory I've lost is my daughter briefly appearing on tv. She still hangs this over my head, and understandably so.

Basically I can't see how wiping out our entire memory could be helpful at all. This would mean learning to read and write again amongst so many other basics, and not having memory to fall back on how would we know what to watch out for and so on. We learn (hopefully the good) via our experiences. Once is enough for me to be honest.

A side note with ECT you can't choose which memories are kept and which ones are lost. I find out as I go. Can be rather frustrating sometimes.

Take care.
doityourself, i know why you are wondering this. I have a unique, erm, 'symptom'? I guess that works for now... anyways, I occasionally lose any emotional connection with my past. I can mostly acknowledge that something happened, but have no emotional connection to it. While that is a little bit nice because it leaves behind the pain, it also affects everything else. All the good times meant nothing to me, not to mention the fact that it was continuous, so even mere seconds before was affected. I was drifting through life, and it was terrible.
Still, though, that goes away. I would not want to experience that full-time, though. Beyond that, I know that my pain has made me who I am, and despite the pain, I cannot tolerate the thought of me being anyone else. So, in a nutshell, my answer is no. The pain sucks, but without it, we aren't ourselves. Without the pain, we are just too... "normal"


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Dont need the pill. I do that quite nicely on my own. I've been told I suffer from SFB syndrome (shit for brains), ados (attention deficeit... oh shiny!!!) and craft (cant remember a f*cking thing).

But being serious if I didnt have my children then I certainly would. But because I do have them there are too many precious little moments that I would never want to erase or forget.


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I would be this amnesiac guy wandering around with wrecked nerves, depression and OCD. My nurture aggravated my illnesses but the illnesses were in my genes and I would have them if I grew up in a sane household. I think we have to keep trying to process the nightmares we've lived through.


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I'd rather a pill that gave me someone elses life.

Forgetting what you are is something. But not having to be that something is so much better.

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Hell yes. Then I could forget what I lost from my pre-paraplegia life- my memories of my previous taken for granted freedoms -, the issues now in comparison to others and how I have changed from a happy care-free tomboy to whom I am now. As it stands it is destroying me from the inside out.

If this life was all I knew, and knowing that others are in the exact same position I am in (which is unlikely - combination of both paraplegia and type diabetes - too high maintenance, too much to cope with depression) than it certainly would be easier to bear.


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I'd choose to remember the life I live now. Forgetting wont make the problems in the world go away. I'd rather remember what made me who I am today than be some puppet who has to learn and face everything all over again.


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I'd love to forget everything that's ever happened to me and start fresh again.
All that I loved is now gone and shit has hit the fan.
I'd pay millions for that memory loss pill.


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I already have parts of my life I can't remember and it's hell to me.. I would NEVER suggest taking such a pill. You can't understand where you are or where you come from. Who you know and who you don't. You have to re-learn things. And especially if I had to take it and still be an adult, I would never do that. Just loosing a childhood was enough. And it won't fix anything. It would only cause confusion, because you would see others who know who they are and you wouldn't know anything.

Also I never learned about what emotions even were and so when I started therapy, therapists and others would get upset at me, because I could tell them nothing.. So there is a lot to consider learning. You wouldn't know how to eat, sleep.. And it would be so hard if you had to re-learn those alone and as an adult. :(

Plus I believe we all learn from our experiences and they help us grow. Anyway, just my thoughts on that.


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I wanted to see what everyone thought before I answered, and I can see everyones views to some point.

I would never want to forgot my children, the 3 boys in my life are just that my life.

I would choose to take the pill however to forget my past, yes the past has made me who I am now but what if I dont like the me I am now?

I also agree that it was pretty much a guarantee to have some type of mental illness as I come from a looney bin full of crazies, its just not fair that my future was planned out before I even got here. Did the past contribute to the illness?

My childhood was a horrible experience, to forget that would be priceless. To start fresh and not know of any evilness in life to begin over with a fresh start, a new outlook. Im not sure I could pass that up if offered, but then again that would mean throwing what I have now away.

Not that it a choice that I get to choose from, I am just curious, Ive just been overanalzing things lately.

Thanks for everyones thoughts, interesting......


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i would love a pill that could erase the bad stuff, but not the good. weird i know but i wouldnt change having had my kids or my marriage, saying that i would really love to totally forget the stuff that hurts.


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I would like an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind kind of technique. One that can erase the memories surrouding a person or event away but keep all the rest of the memory intact. I love that movie.
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