Would you think me a wimp?

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    Well what started my confusion and depression was bullying I guess from people older then me, from that I feel I lost a lot of self esteem and it hurt when other people would make jokes or play around, and it was a very stressful time. I kept on getting more stressed until I got this anxiety problem..from which I was never able to 'fully get back' me and then more disasters happened and more anxiety and depression and hang in there fighting it but now looking back I just see years of 'battle' and for what nothing...I fear not finding a partner and not being independent and not ever being 'well' what was being well like again...so much time has passed. People are capable of such pointless cruelty.
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    You're not a wimp hun x

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    gee, you sound like me. only that my situation happens at workplace and it has destroyed my career and me.
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    I think your the same as me, I got it because I had ADD, and hated talking to anyone about it, and could see that I couldnt learn anything from others so withdrew myself. Eventually a kind of anxiety Thing came up, where I could talk to anyone I knew I could Without a doubt connect with, but got extremely nervous around anyone who I didnt connect with.

    a couple of weeks ago I met a boy named Luke york, who I didnt really trust, but I could see that he was the most likeable nice guy I could ever meet, But i wandered why the hell I would always get worried about approaching him. So I tried to trick myself, and that night I thought to myself, I need to change my brain, something's wrong.

    And then shortly after came depression. I mean I don't know if what you are experiencing is simillar But, It sound's like it is. Now that I'm depressed I can approach anyone and talk to anyone. But I am the worst person in the entire world ANd I mean the entire world to talk to and no longer connect with anyone. Which is annoying.