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Wow, man.

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Follow this. They say it's best to download and watch it full screen but I just watched it on the site. I love optical illusions. If you have anymore, lemme see them. My eye sight still isn't properly back to normal... the number of typos I've had to correct in this paragraph is unbelieveable. Ha.
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If you stare at it until it says look away, you look away and things become distorted such as I looked at the door and it went a bit wobbly. Heh. The affects doesn't last long but the light was still in my eyes and spotty for a short while.
:biggrin: i saw some grey lines for a few seconds.
I have a pps of optical illusions, there is one slide that is especially interesting, it`s a pic in which there are 4 dots, you have to concentrate on the 4 dots for like 30 secs and then look at a wall and then you see a face.
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