WoW - smallest issue ever?

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by aoeu, Oct 3, 2008.

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  1. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

    My brother has taken up WoW again. And I'm tempted. Damn tempted. I haven't played in over a year, but that was only for a week, and over a year before that.

    Any other recovering WoW players?
  2. abyss

    abyss Well-Known Member

    wow was a major catalyst in the destruction of my first marriage. my new husband and i slipped back into it for about 6 months shortly after we got married and when it started to follow the same path of relational destruction we both quit and uninstalled to avoid the temptation. we still feel the pull now and then, especially when someone we know is going on about their toon, but its just not worth it to us.

    i feel for ya.
  3. HappyAZaClaM

    HappyAZaClaM Guest

    what is WoW?
  4. HappyAZaClaM

    HappyAZaClaM Guest

    computer games?
  5. danni

    danni Chat Buddy

    world of warcraft my friends use to play that alll day.
  6. LetItGo

    LetItGo Staff Alumni

    The impact it has on peoples lives is just amazing - destroyed marriages, lost jobs, general depression brought on by addiction. Its the 21st century equivalent of cigarettes and alcohol, and its not just mental, some of the physical problems associated with sitting on your arse for hours at a time are lasting and just as dangerous, like blood pressure and weight issues. I can relate all too well, although my hours in front of the computer are spent tinkering with code and text, rather than toons in a virtual world. I still play (WAR atm), but the pull has subsided a lot in recent years.
  7. TheWr0ngChild

    TheWr0ngChild Well-Known Member

    I'm a gamer, play Guild Wars, which is a MMORPG, but it's just a game. The addiction to the actual game is real yes, but it's a psychological one. Sometimes I associated drinking with playing Guild Wars and other things, but of you let it take over your life thats sad.

    Games are fine so long as you alternate the time spent on the computer with exercise, healthy eating and essentials like school etc. Games can be something to look forward to at the end of the day or after you've done the things you need to do like school etc.

    Don't deny yourself the fun, just don't let it take over your life, set yourself time limits and don't join guilds full of pushy idiots. My Guild Wars guild is pretty chill, I'm an officer but we have enough members for us not to need to be online 24/7.
  8. Rosenrot

    Rosenrot Forum Buddy

    i've been addicted to diablo II for the past 6 years..

    i strongly recommend not returning to a video game. they're highly time consuming and not beneficial to life in anyway. they don't even provide me entertainment, they just keep me focused. it's a waste of time.

    and as a side note - no issue is too small
  9. DrowningInTears

    DrowningInTears Well-Known Member

    Surprisingly I have actually evaded the WoW pitfall. The monthly fee drove me away. I don't like the amount of time you have to invest in mmorpgs constantly. Some days i want to game some days i dont. sometimes i go a long time without gaming. How could Blizzard after making warcraft III(pay for it once and infinite replay value with user-made games like DotA,etc) make something so horribly opposite(buy the game and then pay for it over and over again just to keep playing). I think that's what really turned me off to it.
  10. Dave_N

    Dave_N Guest

    You mean you actually have to pay to play World of Warcraft? Wow, I thought only computer geeks played that game.
  11. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

    Uh... Thanks for that, Dave.
  12. tired82

    tired82 Well-Known Member

    WoW-less for about a month now (played on free private servers). I don't miss it one bit
  13. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    No way this is a small issue, over the past 6 years I have watched online games ruin my son's health and life.
    It started with Counterstrike but I didnt see the danger as he was still going to school, had friends, went to counterstrike lan parties.
    Then he moved to WOW and a couple of others and stoped doing anything else.
    6 years on, he hasnt been outside the house in over 4 years, he has piled on weight, he has no one but me and is often very depressed...yet he still doens't think he has a problem.
    He's 25, has no job and no prospects of ever getting anything worthwhile, he threw away university, he has no qualifications, has never had a relationship, his only friends are online gamers AND STILL HE DOESN'T THNK HE HAS A PROBLEM.
    It breaks my heart.
  14. Theory

    Theory Well-Known Member

    im not addicted to WoW, but to RuneScape, another MMORPG... played it for 3 years now... still play it... arght! My mood is sometimes based upon it.
  15. TheWr0ngChild

    TheWr0ngChild Well-Known Member

    Games are great fun, but not when it gets to these levels. I play Guild Wars as I said above, it keeps me busy and destracts me from things, but when something important comes along like eating, shopping etc etc I press the x in the corner and get on with my life.

    Do not be pressured by other players to keep on playing, it's only a computer and if you do get kicked from your guild, simply join another. I found guilds of older people are more laid back and less pushy. Plus older people often play for fun, not like their life depends on it.

    The fun stops when total addiction takes over. Addiction is not fun and the feeling that you must do something is awful. If it's so bad it's messing your life up, like Terry said about her son, get rid. Set yourself time limits and stick to them, put the shortcut icon in another folder so you can't see it on the desktop, Do whatever is right for you to limit your time online.
  16. Pingu

    Pingu Well-Known Member

    I play WoW, but im not that addicted anymore.. i only play when my friends are playing.. i dont feel anything from playing it anymore, or any other computer games, its just boring, but they are all the life i got, so yeah..
  17. bleach

    bleach Well-Known Member

    I guess it must be the (pseudo-)social aspect that makes these games so addicting. If not that, then I am for a complete loss to explain it. The games are not even good. No skill required, no thought required, just the same point-n-click spells endlessly. Really don't get it. I'd steer someone to trying heroin before this shit.
  18. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

    The social aspect is definitely part of it, and there were some very fun aspects to WoW. Not all the time, but occasionally. I started playing EVE Online specifically to get the social aspect - I'm not much good at making friends otherwise. I met a whole bunch of people, but I kinda screwed up the social bit with most of them. Still, got my biggest supporter through there.
  19. Dave_N

    Dave_N Guest

    I've also heard that World of Warcraft is based on actual magic spells or witchcraft, so by playing it, you're unknowingly casting spells.
  20. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

    Wow, flamebait. Nice.
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