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Jason (lightbeam)

I tried to apolgize to everyone, and all I get are blank replies, or no replies at all. Those that I thought I were close to, have deserted me. I guess this is the sign I needed to 'just go away'.
im not sure what you hoped... but i can see 7 replies so far on your post... thats 7 times people have taken the time to talk to you and who cared... i can see your trying to communicate here - perhaps log back in and sort out the situation that got you to this point? :hug:


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Apparently, no one has replied or anything to my PM's and such. I'm tired of feeling ostracized ever since I was banned from chat. Those that are friends, really aren't.

I told one of my friends on here to 'f*ck off', and now she has defriended me, and isn't answering my pm's... I guess that's what I get for getting mad at the entire situation.

The silence is is truly deafening.


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Jason sweetie, I donno whats happened exactly but I certainly don't want you to go. Whatever it is that happened, give it time. People do care, some have replied, others may not have read it yet as they may not have been on the forum etc. But whatever the reason you are far from deserted. I really care about you jason :hug: you make me laugh in chat, and you are warm and kind. :hug:


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You wren't there yesterday. I offended alot of people. Apparently. I got a warning, so I heeded it, then I logged out. I log back in later, and then I am told that I have incurred 6 points for insulting members, and that I needed to be banned. I heeded the warning to stop, but some chat monitors have an itchy trigger finger I guess.
jason... this isnt going to help you and i think you are being alittle unfair about the CM's. they have a very difficult job sometimes and without knowing the details i very much doubt that they were unfair. if you have a problem with any decisions write in LtM. this is the wrong place. why not sort out the problems that were caused by offending people and then move on, rather than criticising more people?


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I already wrote an LtM... therein lies the problem. They stood by the CM's decision, because they had nothing better to do. Apparently, you get one warning, and then it's ban time. One warning... ever.
i think you better go back to LtM and discuss infractions with them. as io said here is not the place. i dont believe that you have only ever had one warning and then a ban. i would imagine there would be a past infraction. and a new one would equate to 6 points. but i dont know. but i do know it wont help to discuss it right here
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