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    I really need to make an apology to the members here. Like I said in another post "the words are in my head, but they come out through my heart." Last couple of days I have been replying to posts and not getting across what it is that I'm trying to say. I get too emotional and the words cant get out fast enough before my heart takes over the works. So I come across as if I am somewhat callous to your pain. That is the farthest from the truth though. I would never intentionally hurt or add pain to another members already overloaded plate. So please accept my apology before the heart tries to get involved yet again. If I'm coming across as aloof or callous, please give me a good swift kick and tell me so. I would never want my opinion or advice to mislead or hurt anyone else here. Unfortunately this doesnt mean I'll stop, but I will try to use my head a little more often. :sorry:
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    I read the post you are referring to and I was actually very touched by your words!

    I've read some of your public diary too and you seem like a kind, selfless person. I can't imagine how you would ever cause someone pain.

    Although I could relate to a lot of your words. I try so desperately to live my life for others, and I feel like I only poison them with my sickness.
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