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    i just realized that it has been over a year since i posted anything ... i just read my last post from last year... And I can't believe how emotional it was... I think it was the most heartfelt thing I have ever written. because it was the truth. The god's honest truth. just wow... wow.

    I think I want to read it again. Actually made me feel better because now... I feel the same way and It really just saved me from typing this all over. hahaha. if your interested, here is the link to the post i made.

    just... wow. makes me want to cry.
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    Hey Clinton. Sometimes even a day later or a year later, it IS so hard to read our own words. Because inside we know how much they meant. And so many times it feels like no one else could even come close to undertanding the pain. And when we look back, well it brings it all back to the front burner. Makes it all so real again. Regardless if we have moved on from that moment in time or not. The pain can not be removed unless the words are erased.

    I hope that today, a year later, finds you in a better place. A place that you can be safe and given yourself a chance to move forward, even if only with baby steps. :arms: