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    Am Female to male transsexual ...i have been feeling like am in the wrong body for a few years now
    I have to get a gender therapist am waiting for my dr to refer me to one but it take up until 18 months to see anyone
    I am not full time because am having issues with clothes i only have joggys , no trousers or jeans ...i cant find any for my weight( am obese ) and height ( am only 4"11 ) so finding clothes for me is a problem
    I have tried looking on line for clothes but there a lot of money and i don't have much money myself.
    So am unsure what to do really
    I want to live full time as male but i have yet to tell my mum about this she will most likely be against it and will say its a phase. its not a phase at all

    its hard when your in the wrong body
    my husband is supportive and understanding thankfully
    He is coming with me to groups and going to a group for partners of those who are transsexual
    I just wish i was in the right body
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    I find Army/Navy stores to be rather cheap and good clothing, as I love cotton clothing and worn looks when I am relaxing...also, measure yourself honestly, and go online...you will be surprised the deals you can find...if you need help shopping, I love to shop so please let me help...and I bet as you move along in the process, and are more comfortable in your body, your shape will change
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    The places i have been shopping online are places that have the jeans at 50 pound there is no way i can afford that
    i have looked on another sites and its around the same price they have to deliver to the uk and that must be cheep as well
    and accept returns