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  1. Wastingecho

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    so wrong

    can't stay awake past 8 PM

    try to sleep but wake up between 1 and 3 then can't get back to sleep

    pain in my head whenever the pressure changes but docs can't see anything wrong

    hear everyone having conversations around me but no one talks TO me

    unless someone needs something from me i don't exist

    i know i'll die alone

    i'm no longer part of this world
  2. True-Lee

    True-Lee Well-Known Member

    I am sorry Wastingecho for your suffering! First for your sleeping issues then for people not talking to you!
    I am sad that you feel that you are not part of this world, I am sad because right now I feel the same way. I need nothing from you!
    I would like to know why this is happening to you and at the same time me as well? I know that I too Will die alone because I want to
    I know that you exist, I know that you have a pain in your head, I take your word that people talk around you but not TO you!
    Please Hold on! I know it is difficult at times I totally have been where you are, well, I more or less still am where you are!
    I am not a poster Child for good mental health! Will or can you talk to someone here? let us know what is going on an see where you are an what you are going through? I have suffered from Migraines since I was in the fourth grade it wasn't until I was in high school that they finally said I had Cluster Migraines, yay me, they were wrong, that whole time They thought I just wanted out of school, they thought I was faking! When You are ready if you could talk to some one, we are concerned about people here, we care about you!every one here is important, right now you may not see it or feel it but you are