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    I know they broke into my home, a few times. They come in and out as if they lived there, try leaving money on the table next time:wink: :wink:. I saw them at the banks. I guess they are trying to cover their tracks because those others almost hung them out to dry. I don't know where to go from here. They have started drugging me again. My liar won't leave me alone and he's trying to set me up too. They have some good people feeding him lines to me. I know what he is doing and that he is trying to set me up. I know he reports everything back to them. I don't know why I let it go for so long, or how I fell in love with him. Well I guess it doesn't matter anymore. I think mr. A.B #1 drugged me too. I had a dream about him doing that, shit scared the hell out of me. There is only one judge and he knows my heart...
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    You ok hun? :unsure:
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    no, I am lost