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  1. I'm a selfharmer. Have been for two years. Cuts, burns, hitting, scratching...wide range. And people keep sayin' it's wrong or sick or whatever.

    And I don't get that.

    It's my choice. It's my body. I'm not doing it to hurt other people.

    Why is it wrong?

    I just don't think there's anythin' particularly wrong with it.
  2. Alaina

    Alaina Guest

    Well, to be honest, it is wrong.
    I know how you feel, considering I do it too.
    It's not right to want to hurt yourself. It's unhealthy.
    May I ask if you're going to see a councilor at the moment?
    I just started going to see a new woman a few weeks ago, and I went 11 days without cutting.
    I was so proud..
    Maybe you should look into it.
  3. Will

    Will Staff Alumni

    Well, it can be wrong, and it pretty much is. There isn't really anything that 'justifies' it. However, people today do it (the people who are serious, not the 'fad' of emo's) because the mental resources are outweighed by the problems a person faces, and they need a release. Others do it to punish themselves because they feel they have continually do something wrong, and feel like they are very bad people.

    So it's really something that people in great pain and emotional turmoil turn to and even discover when they cannot hold all of it in their head.

    Now if you do it just 'because' then tehre's not really a reason, then it's really up to you, if you think it's wrong.
  4. *snorts* Counselling, yeah.

    I went to counselling for two years straight, quit for four months, then was back for 18 weeks.

    And it sucked.

    It made me fuckin' worse.

    Counselling did nothing for me - it hurt, my therapists were all complete assholes telling me I wasn't fit to make my own damn decisions, and just brought me down.

    None of my experience with them has been positive. I hope never to look into counselling again. EVER.
  5. But what justifies the 'wrong' category then?

    If it's my body, then my rules apply via the supposed freedom to choose. Then it's not wrong. I'm not hurting another person, nobody even knows apart from me and anybody who happens to read this, not since my best mate died.

    If this is wrong, then so is eating junk food and smoking and drinking and not doing enough exercise. They're all bad for you too. But nobody says they're wrong, do they? Not to the extent that SI is immediately so.
  6. Will

    Will Staff Alumni

    In the words you quoted my previous post, it was answered in that very sentence. Nothing justifies it was wrong. It's your body, and it's unhealthy. There's nothing else really to say on it.
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