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Wrongful accusations....

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by White Dove, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    God i am so freeking pissed off....

    Dont you just hate it when someone says you did something and they sware up and down that you did do it yet you did not do it???

    I cant believe people these days are so hard-headed and mean and God i just cant stand people like that..

    Accuse all the hell you want to, you can accuse me until your face turns blue for all i care.. it doesnt make what you accuse me of as the truth..

    Accusing me of on their web-site posting as my brother, and then posting the same night on another web-site... When all the time i was down at the camp camping and enjoying myself...

    My brother camped labor day weekend and then he left but i stayed, so keep that God damn accusing me of things to yourself and shut the fuck up... you were not there at camp to know i was there but several others were so accuse all you want to.. and i got the proff i was there , and you cant leave the camp without checking out of the office building at the end of the road, and i got proff i went no where by that also..

    maybe my brother got on and posted there for me? perhaps my niece even posted? but GOD DAMN IT dont accuse me when you dont even know where the hell i was at..

    I have proff GOD DAMN IT , proff of where i was. i have the ticket to the site i camped at. i have proff from nathan who spent all the time there with me..

    So think want you want.. i dont care anymore but God Damn it i aint going allow you to continue to accuse me of being a liar or even project me as being one to others..

    THE BIBLE DOES SAY SOMETHING ABOUT SOMEONE SPREADING RUMORS TO HURT SOMEONE and i pity you. i pray God will forgive you cause i dont think you know what you are doing..

    Just because someone has a computer or ip address that does not mean that person is the one behind the computer typing on it.. you were not here to see who was typing what.


    Sorry, had to rant and get this off my chest..
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  2. ~PinkElephants~

    ~PinkElephants~ Senior member

    Im sorry all of this is happening to you, you should just stay away from teh site if it's that upsetting. Don't even bother with them.

    On a side note, how come you m ade two posts that are basically the same thing. One here and one in another area of the forum?? One post will do justice.
  3. WindWalker

    WindWalker Active Member

    I would suggest you lock your house and not allow anyone in when you are gone.
  4. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    Thanks hun :hug:

    i am seriously considering that... i wonder why i even went back?? Reason i did so was to chat with those who seemed to be my friends and let them know i am doing okay and all , at least leave them with a good memory of me and not the memory of the past i had left, does that make sence???

    Well i did talk with the Admin and was told that when something was written there by one claiming to be my brother that i was also here posting, well if i was i would like to know where it is , what was said , and who done it , cause if you ask me or anyone here , you all were worried about me because i had not been on...

    Someones got their wires crossed somewhere or another but i suppose you are right, maybe i need to just stay clear of that site and stick with the sites that do care about me, that do understand my pain, Doc did tell me not to be around people that upset me, not to let them hurt me anymore , and to stand up well by george i am....

    right now they seem okay and understanding but i know some smart alike will come in and say something or do something to hurt me intentionally , cause they are not happy unless i am in pain, guess it gives them some kind of control or something , well if that happens i will leave to protect my heart and emotional well being, but for the moment they seem to understand...
  5. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    well i need to..

    thing is i let my brother use it to put adds and all on LSN for things he sales or wants to buy

    does anyone know how to fix your computer where it will allow multiple users?