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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by corang, Mar 3, 2010.

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  1. corang

    corang Well-Known Member

    I just got out of the psych ER because of pot ... yesterday I smoked some pot (bought it as a bud rolled it myself) and it took me to hell and back. I smoked it 5 minutes later I was disassociated like dxm kept forgetting where I was. 10 minutes later my heart was racing so fast it hurt and I managed to get to the top of a pretty big hill and had no idea when I did this. Called sum1 up said come get me NOW!!! 45 minutes after I smoked it I was in the ER with a pulse of 150 beats a minute hallucinating disassocaited with horrible chest pain. I knew where I was who I was and all that if I thought about it if I let my mind wonder I kept asking who and where am I.

    They drug tested me of course and it came back as just marijuana (thank god the doctor said 3 days earlier someone had smoked pot dipped in fermadahyde(sp?) ... EMBALMING FLUID!!!). They said Im probably just intolerant of thc but now almost 24 hours later im still coming down a bit. To me it sounds like I was drugged with something like raid pest killer or something since it didnt come back on the drug screen. Anyone have any idea if its just intolerance and me smoking VERY strong weed or was I drugged?

    I got lectures from parents idk how many doctors and was in the psych ER because I was depressed with myself please call me an idiot later.
  2. Bambi

    Bambi Well-Known Member

    Sounds like Ketamine to me?

    Give me a PM if you need too...nice to see you around, how you been?
  3. lonercarrot

    lonercarrot Well-Known Member

    doubt it was pure weed, bro. there's no way only weed should do that to you. If you still have any of the buds left, let them soak in water for a day or two, then put a lid on it and shake it in the same container. You'll see all the shit and chemicals that will come out of it. Sounds like the grower did not flush the weed properyl
  4. Hangman

    Hangman Well-Known Member

    I hate when people mess with the weed! Where I live you can hardly get any that is not mixed with salvia, and that shit gets me tripping bad sometimes. But when it's pure, it's the best thing I know.
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