WTF!? I'm gonna sleep with my best friends man!?!?

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    Okay, so I just got a call from my best friend, Athena, and she told me how her boyfriends, 15 year old, ex said that he is going to cheat on her....and to top it all off....WITH ME!!!! WTF!? Let's see.....First off, Pern is a great guy but He is NOT my type. Good as a friend....perfect for my best friend. Let's just say.....EWWWW!!!!! Second....he's NOT going to cheat on her. I am extremely good at reading personalities unless it pertains to my love life. With this said, I believe that Pern is a great guy for Athena. I could tell how much he loves her just from the way he looks at her. Third, I have a boyfriend that I am ENGAGED to and love very much so why would I do that. Lastly, on that note, I don't believe in cheating, and I am loyal to my best friend. I would never do anything to hurt her or anyone else for that matter.

    Okay, and here is the thing this little girl keeps saying that my best friend is doing shyt to her even though she isn't doing anything. How in the hell is anyone supposed to react to that? She keeps saying that if Athena or Pern didn't do what she is accusing them of then why are they so worried about it. Well did you ever think that people don't like being falsely accused. Dur!!!

    Also, this has been bothering me too. Athena and Pern dated 4 years ago. And Pern's ex is saying that he loved her before he loved ATHENA.....WRONG!!! He loved Athena way before her. He only left Athena because he was afraid of love. Most young MEN are, but here is his difference. He manned up and realized his emotions before he lost everything he wanted.

    So here is the thing, this is ticking me off but what is there to do? >screams<

    And again I say......WTF!?!?
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  2. Petal

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    too confusing:blink:
  3. AthenaSyphier

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    Its not confusing when you are going thru it.

    And I just cant take this shit anymore!!!

    I am tired of being accused. Tired of the lies!! Tired of being said that I'm doing something I am not doing!!! I really dont know how I am suppose to take all this.

    You know, I miss my dad more than anything, and I know if he was here, he would be calling this lil girl and her mom and getting this shit straight. I miss him so much, and to top off this shit, I have to worry about this. I am tired of it. Sick AND tired of it.

    <sighs> I dont know what to do, what to say, or how to react. I'm sorry Luna for bringing you into this bullshit. I'm sorry Pern for coming back into your life and you getting shoveled this bullshit. I am just so sorry.
  4. hammockmonkey

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    It sounds like he is going to sleep with you.
  5. LunaCerdiwan

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    Sweetie, there is not reason for you to be sorry about this. I am here for you to drag me into the good times and the bad times. The stupid times and the smart times. I am here for everything that happens in your life. I love you sweetie, and that is what I am here for.

    He is definitely not going to sleep with me. He is madly in love with Athena, and I am madly in love with my fiance so there is nothing to worry about, it just ticks me off.

    Sweetheart, it's just that Pern's ex is saying that I am going to cheat with Pern on Athena. That is what is ticking me off. The other stuff was just a side note. And like Athena said, it isn't confusing if you are part of it.

    Athena I love you. You are my best friend, my sister. And I will always be here for you.
  6. Petal

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    :hug: Luna! I'm here if you need to talk :) Ignore her!
  7. LunaCerdiwan

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    Thanks. I am trying. I'm not confronting her just noting that it is bothering me. I needed to get it off my chest and get some others peoples imput into the situation.
  8. AthenaSyphier

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    All I can say is...

    Thank you. <3

    I love you much. You are my family, my friend, my sister, my

    I love you so much girl! Thank you for always being here for me. And you know I will forever be by your matter what.
  9. LunaCerdiwan

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    Thank you.