WTF is he thinking???

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    OMG... :WTF: I have told him and told him... I thought I made it clear... I CANNOT be friends... my feelings are too strong... I care too much... I am TOO much in love with him to be JUST friends. He made it clear he CAN'T be what I want him to be... and I THOUGHT I made it clear that I can't be what HE wants...

    So WHY did he say in an email TODAY : "ur a great guy and i am glad we are friends." WTF??? FRIENDS??? FRIENDS??? WTF???

    We haven't SPOKEN voice since FEBRUARY, I haven't seen his FACE since FEB... and the TINY amount of conversation we HAVE had via email or text... has been FUCKED and depressing... many times HIM IGNORING my messages for days, weeks or MONTHS... AND CLEAR that we CANNOT stay just friends... so WTF??? Why would he say this? Is he THAT oblivious??? Could he really NOT understand, even though I have TOLD him?? Could he possibly be doing this on purpose to HURT me??? He KNOWS how much it upsets me to even THINK about him... maybe he WANTS to make me cry! But I don't believe that... because how could I love him so much if he were intentionally being cruel?? I don't think I COULD love him this much if he were this cruel... that isn't the man I fell in love with. IDK!!! I just don't fucking know anymore!! I try and try NOT to think about him... not to DREAM about him... but nothing works. And THIS SHIT just ADDS to it! FUCK!!! Why can't he just LEAVE me alone??? Let me TRY to get on with my life and TRY to forget about him?? I want to say something, but I don't want to come across as a dickhead asshole... but I want to be like 'wtf, I have told you I can't stay friends, it hurts me too much... how can you say you're glad we are friends?' IDK Another part of me wants to just IGNORE his email... not say a WORD...

    I just don't know WHAT to do, or not to do!! I am SO confused and HURT! :cry:
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    Aww im sorry this is happening to you hun. I know what your going through and I know that it sucks...its probably the most heart wrenching thing possible when your in love with someone and they just want to be friends. Let me know if you ever want to talk. *hugs*
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    Hey Bri,
    Wait until you have calmed down some.. Then email him back that you have moved on with your life and that the past is just that the past.. We can't be friends because it only holds me back..So please no more contact...I hope you can get past this!!! You have alot of friends here on the forum and you can PM or email me anytime when you want to talk.. Email is the best way to get ahold of me..My address is in my profile if I haven't already given it to you..Take care!!