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wtf is up wiv sertraline ??


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I mean dont get me wrong im not complaining but if i got hit by a spaceship right now i wouldnt care. You probably know im changing meds atm from lofepramine to sertraline. I have tried lots of different antidepressants and very high doeses of them nothing like this has ever happened to me before. Within 4 hrs of taking my first and only 50mg tablet i was so buzzed i couldnt hardlys see straight. I felt like i was on some weird kinda trip ! i felt v happy but couldnt sleep was thirsty twitchy and very very not myself.Has anyone else had something like this happen?


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Possibly bipolar disorder. Sertraline is supposed to be rather bad for triggering manias.

Thirst may just be dry mouth, fairly common for any pill.

But twitchy/not yourself/energetic sounds manic.


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you have mentioned that on a few of my posts ..i didnt want to bring it up to the doctor until they mentioned it first because i dont want them to think im diagnosing myself. they made a big point of refusing to diagnose depression years ago becuase i went and told them what was wrong with me LOL. I am definately going to ask about it at my next app tho because looking it up its a possibility. Thanks for answering aoeu :)


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That happens to me too.. I'm on 100mg of Sertraline, and I can't sleep. At all. Which is ridiculous because I also take Trazodone, Zopiclone, and Ativan. Which all help with sleep. I have too much energy. I can't even sit still. I've asked my doctor to take me off Sertraline many times, but she just keeps raising the dosage. I don't understand what doctors like so much about it when it doesn't work.


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Dr. H is my only option for now. She says she'll try Paxil, Prozac, or Effexor next if I really can't take the Sertraline, but she has to slowly take me off Sertraline and start me on the new one slowly. Which is no help at all.
I am a nurse....the twitching doesn't sound good. There is something called Seratonin Syndrome in which too high of a dose of a seratonin-reuptake-inhibitor like Sertraline can cause seizures and other symptoms and is not a good thing at all. Call your doctor right away and tell them the symptoms. 50 mg. might not seem like a lot, but everyone's body is different and you might be very sensitive to it.

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