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WTF is your problem?!?!? *Language*

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WHAT THE FUCK is your problem?

What's wrong? You don't like me saying no to you? Or have you spoken to the bitch?

You leave my house at 7 and everything is fine, you get home at 7:30 and you have suddenly decided you hate me? DO ME A FAVOUR.

ANSWER MY FUCKING QUESTIONS. It's like this, I'm not leaving it til I find out, so you might as well just bloody well answer me.
WELL???? Don't be a prat. AS you well know, I haven't done anything.

If you're going by what that fucked up freak is saying then you really need to listen to my side too. SHE started it, not me. She's not the fucking angel you seem to think she is. Yes, I answered back. Yes, I told her she deserved everything she had got. And you know what-I stand by everything I said. Attention-seeking, manipulative, pathetic, two-faced, fucked up bitch.

And if it's the other thing, you're more of a bastard than I thought you were. (And that's saying something.) You know the reasons for me saying no. And you know how much I didn't want to. Grow up.

What is it *****? You wanna see how far I can be pushed before I fall? TRUST ME IT'S NOT MUCH FURTHER.

I asked you on Friday if you were prepared to help me through all of this. That if you weren't you had to go *THEN* as things were only going to get worse. What was it you said? *I want to be here for you.* Well I fucking still need you. I asked you to make that decision at the time. Told you how I needed you. It's not like you don't know what's happening. You know better than anyone.

But then I'm...... *an attention-seeker* *childish* *spoilt* *self obsessed* *manipulative* *bitch* *had life too easy* So just ignore this thread eh? I'm not worth the time it'll take you to read it AM I?!

Was I supposed to be bothered that you've blocked me on msn? Guess what, I deleted you last night.

You said not to e-mail or text you anymore. You know what, I'm not gonna STOP getting in contact with you until you fucking explain yourself. You keep doing this shit, and I keep letting you. A *Sorry* is all it takes usually, isn't it? Well that's because I have been a stupid bitch. Stupid enough to fall for someone like you. Stupid enough to let you get away with al this shit. And stupid enough to keep letting you hurt me. HAVE been-not anymore. Once you've explained yourself you can BOTH go rot in your pathetic, lonely lives.

So do us both a favour. TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK BROUGHT THIS ON. And then we can both get on with our lives and forget the HELL of the last 6 months.


Don't worry Joe, I appreciate you answering, I really do.

Someone knows what I'm talking about, don't worry



ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

All of a sudden you hate me? All of a sudden you are fed up of having me in your life? You weren't fed up of me when you were trying to get into my knickers just last night. You weren't fed up of me when I was buying your lunch. You weren't fed up with me when I was buying you drinks. And you weren't fed up with me the other night when you wanted to die. It was me (for some reason) who had to talk you out of it.

Now all of a sudden you are sick of me. And you hate me, always have...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
I hope you feel better for getting all this out. I am sorry it had to go through these feelings at all. Know I am thinking of you. :hug:


Thank you Gentlelady

I want to make a public appology.................

***** - I am sorry for everything I said about *You* I still stand by the bits about you know who.

I know you're feeling bad. But please, try to stop taking it out on me. All I'm trying to do is make you happy and help. I might be annoying you in the process, but remember it is all done for the right reasons.

It's my own stupid fault, but I love you. You know I always will. And hearing you say those things breaks my heart-and the way I cope with that is to snap back.

I'm sorry okay. Can we please stop doing this now??
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