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  1. morning rush

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    I found a link to overeaters anonymous and it clearly says they aren't religious, but their so call 12 steps says to give your problems to god, ask god for help etc. Yeah, I think me and them have a different definition of what not religious the heck is that supposed to help me?

    fuck that shit man, I might as well just know, dying would be a good thing. I wouldn't suffer and be in pain all the time...
  2. morning rush

    morning rush Well-Known Member

    wow, thanks for all your support :/ really helpful all those invisible comments...

    if you people don't care then chances are no one cares, so why should I...just convinces me that death is the better solution...
  3. total eclipse

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    NOt that we don't care hun just we do not know what to say i have heard the 12 step program can be used for many therapies and have been told to just ignore the religous part of it if one is not religious and just take in the other parts
  4. flowers

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    Sorry, I just now saw this thread. So didnt respond sooner.

    I didnt know that about 12 step based recovery programs. When I used to go to al-anon and went to OA for a few times they used the lingo "higher power". I thought that was still the way it is.

    Maybe you could try going to the national eating disorders orginization forum. See if someone there knows of a non god based program where you live. Of even online. Many people are repelled by the whole god thing. Even though its national based in the US, there may well be people from where you live who might know something Wish I had a better idea.
  5. youRprecious!

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    I have only just seen this thread, m r (have been away) but I would echo what flowers has said. The OverEaters Anonymous plan is exactly the same as that for AA (replacing food for grog, obviously) - and they accept all who are desperate and hopeless enough to ask for help from a higher power to master their addiction - (one of their principle tenets is to admit one's helplessness). The thing is, that it is not religious in the meaning that you are required to call this higher power 'God'. To acknowledge your higher power is sufficient. No "religion" gets "crammed down the throat" (to coin an expression).
  6. Concrete_Angel

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    I've never heard of the 12th step programme but I wouldnt give up just yet. There are other therapists/counsellors that can see you that might be more beneficial
  7. flowers

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    mr If you do find a non religious based ed program online, I would be interested in knowing about it. Thanks. Also, I hope you can find a counselor locally who you can work with. I do know how excruciating these eds can be.
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  8. morning rush

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    I found a french one but it seems to have religious not sure I will go. I just discouraged a lot. I mean when you're in trouble and in need of help, people tend to run away from you. So you're on your own. Then when something grave happens, like a suicide attempt, those same people will say "I had no idea it was this bad, I don't know why this person didn't ask for help etc"

    whatever...being alone and no support is not helping one bit...I'm not strong at all...maybe I should die...would be a sensible solution to everyone's problem...
  9. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    I know what you mean about thinking about dying. But then think about your mother. It would not be good at all for her to lose you. I gotta say that every time I went looking for help for the ed, I came up empty. I was desperate many times and could not find help. Unless it was OA, which I cant handle. As I said, the 12 steps are too much for my shame based personality. I can handle the god stuff. As long as it is far away from fundamentalist. If it was fundamentalist, or born again, I would leave treadmarks as I am running away. Seriously.

    I wish you could find a therapist there who works one on one ( non religious) with people who have eds. But I know that its not that easy. If it was, I would be going to one. Maybe your regular doctor would help you to get the right help if you told her that the problem with food is so painful and out of countrol that it is making you feel like you do not want to live. And that you need help. The non religious kind. Do you think it might be possible your doctor would help you to get help if she knew this??
  10. dustin

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    I feel the same way. The 12 step wants you to admit you have a higher power than yourself. This can be in the form of god, or even a vague "something."

    I'm an atheist.

    But I believe the main point of the step is not religious, but mainly to accept that there are things out of your control. Even things about yourself, such as drinking, overeating, depresssion, etc. It's not so much important to believe in god, as to believe you are not god.

    I'm sure more experienced people could explain it better. I never went through the program myself, I was just raised in a family of Alcoholics.

    George Carlin was a member of AA, and he was probably one of the most critical thinking and intelligent people in the public eye. He was also a very outspoken atheist.

    That said.. 12 step isn't for everyone, and there are other methods of recovery you can pursue. A lot of people swear by cognitive behavioral therapy, which actually takes a lot from Buddhism, takes out the religion and adds some psychology. I have met a lot of people it has helped with drug abuse, people that hated 12 step.
  11. dustin

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    Emphasis by me on the bold.

    I'm not sure if this was meant to be funny, but I laughed. Burn.