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    Well, i know this is my first post, but I'm the edge.

    WTF is up with society these days? Is the entire point of life to see how miserable you can make other people feel? I just don't understand the thought process of everyone. Am I one the one who is different?

    I always try to help everyone as best I can. It's the only thing I seem to find joy in anymore is helping poeple, but cannot even seem to do that anymore.

    My life is a joke. I've never had a girlfriend. I don't understand, I'm not overwieght, I'm educated, I actually care about people, but I don't even know where to start. I'm all alone. I find myself making stuff up to my 'friends' just to make myself sound less pathetic.

    And now I graduated college and can't even get freaking job. Now I'm $100k in debt, and can't even get a job. It's been a year and still nothing. So, I'm alone, in debt, jobless, and clueless.

    Sometimes I wonder. If I were to disappear, how long would it actually take before anyone even noticed? I'd probably be the creditors before anyone else. I try to look for the light at the end of the tunnel, yet it always seems to be cloudy and raining. No matter how hard I try it seems like I take one step forward, then fall down a flight of stairs.

    I'm not one to ever give up, but it seems like I've lost my map and I need directions. Someone please help.
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    Welcome to the forum. Keep posting here, it will help to get it out. There are others here who have graduated, are in debt, and there are very few jobs to be had. It is a horribly trying time for everyone. Our country would not be in this mess if those at the top didn't get so greedy. It's not our fault, it is their fault.

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    McDonald's is hiring. Jobs like that suck, but there's always something to be done just to get you by to give you SOMEthing until you can get on your feet. But I can understand not wanting to be embarrassed about what you do when someone asks "what do you do?" Oh well.
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    Sometimes jobs like that just don't cut it, even in countries with social support, if you fall ill you often find yourself with a choice between paying the rent or eating, when that happened to me I paid the rent and didn't eat for a week, I was so hungry and working my arse off I was still too proud to break into cars, then my landlord told me their niece was going to move into my flat and I had to move out, luckily I had family to fall back on. Oh and the worst thing about it? I worked in fast food, you'd think they wouldn't mind giving a bit of food to a hungry hard worker but no, food costs had to be as low as possible every single day, it's hard being around food when you haven't eaten for a week and you can't touch any of it.
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    It's better than nothing, though. Minimum wage will get you over a thousand dollars per month; even part-time will get you around 600 bucks a month to at least pay some of the debt instead of none of it. And it's not something you'd be doing permanently or as a career, it's a transition "crap job" that most people have been through at some point to make ends meet.
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    sorry to burst your bubble but minimum wage doesnt get you a thousand per month, maybe 800$ at the most, if you do over time, goverment takes most of it so its like your working your ass off for free...and rent is pretty expensive most appartment are about 700$ to 800$ and I'm being generous everything else that the person needs to pay cant make it...electricity, heating, phone, food...and god forbid you fall sick...

    things like that can seriously affect your mood...this can feel like your never going to get better...
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    I agree. I've been through the same situation and deal with people earning low income on a regular basis. Minimum wage does and always has sucked. Nonetheless, everyone agrees that any money is better than none, particularly in this situation when you have hardcore student loan debtors on your back -- and the consequence of not working at all and getting $0, as opposed to a thousand dollars, or even $600, is far more harsh because this will quickly go straight to your credit record and will compromise your chances of getting a job even more. Many people still don't realize that you can be denied a job because of a dismal credit record. This effects your entire future -- career, whether you qualify to purchase a home, a car, additional loans if you want more education, etc.

    You won't be able to afford rent, but luckily for the OP he/she has caring family that understands the struggle he's going through. No one wants to live with their parents, especially at our age in our 20's, but if the jobs aren't out there (which many aren't and it is increasingly difficult to get one unless you know someone on the inside), most people in this same situation have to do something to pay the bills. Deferments and forbearances on those student loan repayments aren't going to last forever, and with many private loan companies, the conditions of the promissory note don't allow you to have more than a certain number of deferment/forbearance periods until it becomes mandatory that you begin repayment, usually no more than 16-18 months.

    I also racked up over 100 grand in college debt by the time I got out in 2008, with combined federal and private loans, so I also deal with the same anxiety. And it really is enough to make you consider just dying to get out of it when you can't find permanent, steady work. And suddenly you wake up, and minimum wage or just about minimum wage looks very attractive when compared to having nothing, in addition to being in the negative.

    Hopefully this helps, OP. There are also temp agencies out there that you could try to get into, though I'm not certain how effective this is since I know people who end up waiting and waiting for months on end and still have no placement. You could get involved in some non-profits in your area as a volunteer, and perhaps when a position opens that meets your qualifications, you'll be first up since you'd be on the inside.

    Hopefully this is some kind of direction that will help you.