Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by cherry_blossom, Sep 15, 2007.

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  1. cherry_blossom

    cherry_blossom New Member

    What the heLL am I doing here??sitting here with my shinny razor and wanting to cut so *badly*!I have no reason to feel like this way none!I feel aLL my body aching, and I wanna vomit I wanna scream I want to separate my skin from my body and I have a feeling that I won't feel anything!!I don't give a shit about tomorrow!!I have no reason to live or *even* I don't have a reason to die than why I am feeling like this way??oh god would U kill me plz?:sad: I am a LOSER WEAK WEAK UNABLE TO LIVE FUCKED UP UGLY disgusting!!


    cut..oh just want to cut till I have no blood to shed!here my arm..and my razor but I know if I start..nothing can stop me!!

    nothing makes any sense to me..nothing makes any sense..
    just cold..and dark..
    nothing makes any sense..

    I am fading away..
  2. zaraki

    zaraki Active Member

    Cherry Blossom wait! Don't hurt yourself! We can help. Please? :sad:
  3. kris-neptune

    kris-neptune Member

    hey cherry.. life is strange eh... sometimes you just wan't to scream at the world. and sometimes it helps screaming. i can't from a computer get the razor from you, i can't look straight at you... i can't practically do anything but type messages to you... and im not sure how much difference i can make about decisions. bt i can advise you to please take at least one look at this page someone wrote here.. if you already have seen it.. well.. see it one more time
  4. cherry_blossom

    cherry_blossom New Member

    yeah I know..
    and it makes me sad..

    But I am trying guys..I really do and you know it is so hard to deal with..WeLL..just..I need someone to hold me when I break down and cry..or..You know I go and find something *sharp* and..oh yeah I am really pathetic!
  5. zaraki

    zaraki Active Member

    I know it's hard to deal with. I know the pain is overwhelming. You aren't pathetic. No one is. These emotions just weigh down on you and make you feel this way.
  6. scared_child

    scared_child Account Closed

    hey, i know this stuff is hard, but you can get through it without hurting yourself. talk to us, we will help you as best as we can.
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