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    He's frigging got her PREGNANT?!?! Oohhh look at me, I'm all born-again religious, but to hell with that, sex before marriage and knock her up sounds like an awesome idea, even though we both have major issues and probably are not fit to raise a kid. My jaw actually dropped open.

    This was an ex but not really an ex... he was my boy next door.. and I guess somewhere along the line, I thought we'd be able to give it a real shot.... Despite the fact I moved countries to get over him after having been in love with him for ten years and never making a go of it... Dealing with my exes getting new girlfriends is bad enough, but none of them have yet got engaged, married or pregnant, this is the first one, and even though I like to believe I'm over him, it still makes my heart twinge...

    Perfect end to a perfectly sh**ty day that saw me break down at work countless times, come home to a room that I'm NEVER going to be able to pack up, let alone move all that crap by myself to a new place, stress about having to frigging travel on Friday and be on the same flight with my ex-best friend and pretend that everything is normal and happy and I'm having the BEST time of my life.

    I can't believe she's pregnant. WTF!??!