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Ultimate depersonalisation. Everything around me is frightening the shit out of me, giving me panic attacks. Almost completely detached from reality. Can hear two words repeating in my head, "lol" and "luggage".

Confused. whats goin on?
How are you now?

Look man,I was out of order joining the mob against you here.This should not be a place to put pressure on other people or play silly games.
I am sorry.
I was wrong and I want to hear from you,know you are okay.


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I'll probably have to tell the doctor about it, thats if I can even remember it when I get there. Suppose I'll have to write it down.

And it's alright about that. Though tbf you weren't wrong.

How am I? Not that great really. Incessant reminders and mental torture 24/7. A week is enough, any more and I think I will actually go mad. Already dissociating like crazy left, right and centre. Interesting it came back after a while. Though I suppose the mental torture is deserved.
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