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wth is wrong?

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this place used to be so supportive (and no, im not referring to the incident in chat a minute ago just in general) and a real community, you could go in a chat and people would remember if you were feeling good or bad the night before and ask you if your ok..

loads of people left and no one wonders why, even ive been away for months.. knowing its pointless to post as people werent responding to my posts and all that nonsense then...

where are mia, kath, rowanne, sarah, silence... there were so many great people

now people seem to come here for amusement, and yeah maybe distracting yourself for a little while doesdo you good, maybe its a short term solution that gets you through another day

but dont we have enough fucking problems without making each other feel worse?

i thought this forum was for support.

quit fucking with each other for a short term feel-better distraction otherwise this forum becomes not only pointless but dangerous.

I know notmany will agree with this post because those who did agree have mostly left.

Just a warning, dont get sucked in here, its already too dangerous.

Love to the people who remember 'the good old days'...psyche..

theres still many people around here who care (though i have to say i agree with what you saidaout some people).
i am still in chat if you feel like talking.
sam xxxxxx


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I know there are some still around

(moonstar, jenny, abacus etc)

but they surely cant be strong enough to support thousands of people.

I barely comehere anymore, i onlylog on when things are really REALLY bad, i was away from thef forum for about 3 months because no one responded to my posts/ chat any more, no one could help me.

This place is meant to makeyou feel important, like it matters if you breathe or not, where did this community GO?


I have only been here for a couple of days,but i try to be as supportive as much as possible.I have notice a very select few that seem to want to drag others down with them,but again its a select few.Alot of us pass out our IM addys to those that really want to chat.There are still those of us that truly want to help although i do see what you mean.
Hun, i was in chat at the time and i completely understand why you did leave just then. I would of done the same. Everyday this place changes in some way. New people joining etc. people move on from here. The past few months SF has changed alot and i have seen other people commenting about it. But its naturally for things to change. Kath is still around. So are many others.

I don't know you that well but i did see you around when i joined SF and i have missed seeing you around. If you do plan on sticking around it will take time to adjust.

Vikki x :hug:


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Nighrmares hi!!!!!!ive missed you so so much hun and big hugs!!!!Seriously ive missed you [not that im criticising you if you needed to take a break or whatever - i can understand that] and am sorry that you are feeling so bad.i'll send you a PM.Hope you dont mind!!!Be great to catch up.

As for me i feel ive failled people a lot here recently.im currently doing a lot more reading than replying as i simply dont always feel well enough to physically reply all the time anymore.

i feel bad about that but it is just how it is.Sorry.

But please dont any of you think you are forgotten and least of all you!!!We talked quite a bit just before you left and i really missed that.i felt you understood me and had time for me.Please know im here for you too or at least i will try to be and i may admittedly at times be slow [which i know isnt much help in a crisis] but i will always do my best to reply and please feel more than free to contact me anytime.

Also for me not cos of people either on or off this forum but just cos of the situation im in at the moment and what that means i think that i am going through right now,the stage that im going through right now i dont feel able to discuss it here or pretty much anywhere really greatly.

You cant discuss this..........it is one of those topics in the world

It just happens.........discussion is not comfortable nor bearable.

It just happens.

Sorry going off topic for your thread but yeah i dont always have the energy to post much nor the words but believe me i am thinking of you and many of you here and i am still reading an awful lot too.

i know that isnt much use to you and im sorry.

As for where has the community gone sometimes i think that too.i think we all do.Or many of us at least.At one time or another.

i dont think this is a bad place.In fact i think at times it can do quite some good.But i also think there are loads of potential pitfalls.And you have to walk slowly to try not to fall and to work out who are genuine here and really need a helping hand and who can be trusted.But for some of us like me who have not muchthis site can literally mean the difference between breathing or not at times [and i dont exagerate there]........for some of us this is what we have or a large part of what we have...............and there are good people here if you can find them.......and i hope those who need support can at least maybe if only temptorarily or in small amounts at least find some of the support they need here.

Some or many may find more than a small amount but i hope we can all find something.........

im gonna stop.Should shut up.Should have shut up ages ago.

In fact should have kept my mouth shut in the first place!!!Dont know why i statrted on this post......oh yeah cos i think i wanted you to know im here and i read.ANd thats important.To me that you know that.

Take care and best wishes Nightmares and all pand Nightmares girl keep in touch!]


If you mean Sarah as in Sycotic_sarah, shes fine, shes me actually, i just wanted to have a break for a bit, only visit every other day & post here when i need some support..

the forums just as it was before, its not changed.. i think..

take care nightmares, love you lots.
I am sorry you feel like people are not supportive here anymore Nightmares. Many people have left, it is true. They all have their own reasons, I have not been around lately when you are, or I would have spoken with you in chat. I do care about you and the other members at SF. I missed seeing you around the forum. As kath and others mentioned, things do change as is human nature. I notice that if i am away for any length of time, when I come back i do not feel as if I know anyone anymore. That things have gone on without me and it didn't really matter that I had gone. We used to have some good chats and i wish we could again. I guess what I have to say isn't all that important as I am one of those still around. Sorry. Please take care Nightmares. :hug:
Hey Nightmares... I've missed seeing you around and stuff... it is true, what you're saying; things *have* changed here... different people and so on and so forth.

Ok, so I admit it. I'm doing crap like I usually do during the summer... I havent been that supportive for people and stuff... I guess I'm only human. I do what I can.

This forum *is* for support... but maybe people here are starting to view support differently now... I dont know. :unsure:

Well I'm not really sure if I'm making sense... so I think I'll just stop here... :mellow:

I can kinda relate with how you feel nightmares... doesn't seem quite the same as it was a while ago.. but it's not horrible



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Hi Nightmares,

It's good seeing your name on the forum again.. I have missed you and genuinely wondered where you were.

I remember when i first joined the forums (August 2004) and the forum was very much different to what it is today. Ok so the forum was new so there weren't many members.. we were growing by the day.. but the community was very close. Very supportive and you could keep updated with most of the members, because it was so small.

As more members find the forum (while it's not good that so many are feeling suicidal, it is good that they're finding the forum) the close knit community does change. It's physically impossible to help make every member feel important, loved, etc. I personally reply to posts that I feel 'attracted' to in some way.. and if i'm in contact with someone I do keep up the contact via PM. If they're not around in a while, or even if they are, I normally send out a PM once a month (or so!) just to say hi and remind them that i care.

Of course though there are also people who move on from this forum. I guess the very nature of SF is depressing.. if someone has worked through their crisis time, it may then trigger them to stay on SF.. to see depressing/suicidal posts, etc. Many seem to have made their own forums and carried on with their friendships on a non-crisis/suicide forum. I personally think this is great :)

Sorry for the long ramble.. I don't really know what I'm trying to say after all that lol. I do agree with you, that the forum isn't the same. People do come and go and there are just too many members for anyone to keep on track of, etc. Nevertheless I do hope that we're able to be of some help and support to you should you need us. You are always welcome to PM me and i'll get back to you as soon as i can

Jenny x


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Thanks nightmares,
I agree. I joined in 05 and I don't post much anymore. I am very angered at people coming to this forum to judge us. Tell us what is right or wrong. It's sad we are trying to defeat each other. I was very upset at an earlier post that I felt was judging us. You are right. It's not the same, but we can't expect it to be the same. Let's stop judgements, competitions and defeatism. We should all be aware of why most of us are here. We all suffer from the same problem no matter how it manifests itself.
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