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  1. now what

    now what Guest

    what the hell am I supposed to do! They keep telling me to take good care of myself that I need to make positive changes and that I need to focus on getting better. Well how am I supposed to do that if everytime I try to make a positive change and everytime I decide to leave this website for my own sake, they threaten to kill themselves!!!

    it's like they say they want me safe, then why the hell don't they act like they want me to be safe!!!!

    EVERYTIME I try to take distance from everything related to this site (even if it's only for a while) to focus on my health and to work on positive changes and to get better, they go and act out.

    I'm sorry I have to be selfish. Like i told them so many times; I'll NEVER forgive myself if anything were to happen to them or a few others on this site. I hope the others won't go around and act the same way, because then it'd prove to me that everyone here is a bunch of hypocrites.!!
  2. Dubz

    Dubz Guest

    i aint threatening to kill or harm myself over this, i been planning this for awhile but was just gonna disappear then someone figured out what i was doing and tried talking me down. This aint acting out at you, im just worried so are other people, can you blame me for being worried because of the last few days? abotu having to talk you out of killing yourself on sunday? can u fucking blame me for showing the slightest bit of concern.

    ok im sorry for letting things to get like this. i really am. just know you had nothing to do with this. this aint just about this, its about alot of other things aswell.

    take a break, work on getting better.

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