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x-files (spoilers, no doubt)

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by quirkyalias, Feb 8, 2016.


walter skinner's beard?

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  1. quirkyalias

    quirkyalias Member

    i came here to whinge about recent rehearsals and as pathetic as it sounds, i was halted by the thought "ooh, it's the early hours of tuesday morning GMT, so i bet a new episode of the x-files is on" but of course it isn't tuesday. *theme from love story

    so i'll talk about that instead. i'm making an x-files thread though, so feel free to skip this and just post your opinion. sorry about the joke poll.

    in my excitement i'm currently watching all the mythology episodes, and it's amazing to watch the story unfold in hindsight. if i'm honest, i thought the new episodes were an effort to put the old ones in the bin, but it's clear to see this was a possibility all along. the show has responded brilliantly to the pace in technological advancements, the war on terror, the media, the evolution of conspiracy theories themselves.. all the cynics like myself, who said the show could not become a success now, were wrong.

    there's just one thing that is bugging me. the comedy. now this i do attribute to current trends in culture. i'm remembering max fennig. the characters in the x-files were never jokes, nothing was ever ridiculed. i think the show is suffering from embarrassment, which really isn't on. has anybody else noticed this fear of sincerity?

    but then i think, how would the crime scene dialogue between agents mulder and scully play out had they taken place in the comment section of a youtube video? we're too shut off now. these days, to have such a dissenting belief is social suicide. we've all got our little boxes on the internet and if we make a noise outside them we face a verbal lashing and at the very worst a meme that will haunt you to the grave. dana scully isn't the voice of skepticism anymore, and fox mulder isn't the inquisitive voice... the people who now do those jobs are nowhere near as charming.

    (i'm a skeptic, but conspiracy theories fascinate me)
  2. BlackKitty

    BlackKitty Active Member

    I watch the X-Files! The paranormal has always fascinated me.
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