X or Molly

Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by NoNoNo, Nov 11, 2008.

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  1. NoNoNo

    NoNoNo Member

    Anyone else?

    Seriously..It's the only thing that makes me feel better.
  2. ImSoStupid

    ImSoStupid Member

    Well i don't know what your asking exactly, but if you want to know if there's anyone else out there who has done this awful drug, yes, i have, and i totally regret it. I did it one time, due to peer pressure. I feel like it has given me brain damage, because ever since i took it, i just don't feel the same. I feel less in intelligence than everyone else. I was even reluctant to write this post for fear of writing something stupid. All the feelings i have, co-inside with a mental illness called depersonalization. I feel like I am constantly in a dream, like i have lost touch with reality. I feel disconnected from everything, even my self, and when i look into the mirror, i see a stranger. I think about suicide every day now, and my life is a living hell. I used to be smart, funny, and had friends. Now Ive isolated myself to staying in my room everyday, because i feel so shitty. I think i might kill myself, but idk, im scared to, I JUST CANT THINK CLEARLY. :sad:
  3. Esmeralda

    Esmeralda Well-Known Member

    I would be very surprised if doing this drug one time is what is causing your problems. These drugs generally have no real lasting effects unless abused regularly. Maybe try looking into other sources for these feelings of inadequacy.
  4. p3cky

    p3cky Account Closed

    i am abit confused what are these drugs i have never herd of molly i am assuming x is ecstacy
  5. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    I haven't got a clue what x or molly is? :unsure:
  6. p3cky

    p3cky Account Closed

    well if it is refering to xtc i have no idea wot molly is. i have done ecstacy a few times not many i don't want to abuse it but it makes me feel like the best person in the world
  7. ToHelp

    ToHelp Well-Known Member

    NoNoNo - (lol, silly name :smile: )

    They're the same, MDMA, which is methylenedioxymethamphetamine.

    Well NoNo, it's illegal as shit, enjoys a billion dollar worldwide trafficking distribution, and can net you time in prison.

    That aside, surely you're not askiing us for our approval of your use of this drug. It's


    Regardless where stand on that status or its safety and benefit (which is indeed another subject altogther), we cannot tell you, "Sure! Go ahead and contribute to the trafficking of an illegal substance! Weeee!" lol

    That would be an infraction of SF's rules.

    You'll have to make up your own mind, there. It is irresponsible imo for anyone to endorse the use of an illegal substance on this forum.

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  8. p3cky

    p3cky Account Closed

    what hell man we weren't talking about trafficing the drug just the feelings they give to us, if having a discustion about ilegal drugs is breaching SF then i would really be upset.
  9. ToHelp

    ToHelp Well-Known Member

    I'm not a Moderator and carefully apologize if I spoke out of tone.
  10. levitated-one

    levitated-one Well-Known Member

    Yes I've done ecstacy..with different results..

    The original ecstacy is MDMA, which Tohelp has mentioned.. The drug was legal many years ago, and was actually patented in 1912 in Germany by a pharmaceutical company called Merck..The drug was used many years later..by therapists and psychiatrists, after it was showed that patients have improved after having the MDMA sessions..


    Made me feel like I was happy, and also hallucinated, and very excited..wanna just dance..and your mind is like having orgasm

    What happens is it increases the serotonin in your brain, releasing the natural endorphins excessively and prematurely so that you feel extra happy..the downside is the comedown, or if you have used basically every other day or going hard at it every week then..it will get you..the depression, the mood swings, etc..are side effects..

    What goes up must come down..you can't feel happy forever on this drug..best is to get high on life..naturally.
  11. ToHelp

    ToHelp Well-Known Member

    And dopamine along with causing a myriad of other neuromodulation disruptions and imbalances to pre- and post-synaptic cleft sensitives away from homeostasis. (Homeostasis is the NATURAL balance of these neurochemicals.)

    MDMA, an offspring of MDA, is in fact an analog of methamphetamine. (They both are.)

    Anything artificially inducing desirable mood changes or elevation is addictive, and when the brain becomes accustomed to this artificial stimulation, it will "catch on" and produce less and less of its own neorchemcals.

    Yield: People find themselves trapped.

    You can't stop without great difficulty and feeling like shit. You can only continue an activity that is costing you in money and further messing up you mind literally. (In terms of any sedatives like barbs or Xanax, stopping on your own can be life-threatening.)

    This, in general terms, is the face of addiction.

  12. Ryan1

    Ryan1 Well-Known Member

    I've done my share of ecstasy and MDMA(molly, pure ecstasy). I used to binge on it. I regret it a lot. I used to love it, great ephoira and I felt "real" and cared. I just loved it too much. 20-30 pills one week for every 2-3 weeks sober.
    Molly on the other hand, seemed too intense, often left you "floored". I liked some amp/meth/caffine in mine.

    STAY THE FUCK AWAY from it. Its illegal and pills are going to shit. Get PMA or piperzines in one you can overheat and cook yourself. Oh boy. You can also get seretion(sp) sydrome(sp?) which can and will kill you.
  13. soliloquise

    soliloquise Well-Known Member

    this is not actually true....taking e does not mean you will get addicted or that you cannot use it recreationally for years. many do

    try here for correct info:


    i am not saying there are no problems for some people with mdma but to make a sweeping statement isn't going to make anyone listen. they have heard the scare mongering before and it doesnt stop them. far better to give the facts and info on harm reduction like keeping hydrated etc. that is what will stop people frying themselves. if someone wants to do drugs they will. the important thing is for them to research their drug, minimise harm and be informed and as safe as possible.

    long term e use CAN cause depression. so can alcohol. but before it was made illegal in 1985, MDMA was used by psychiatrists as a therapeutic tool for depression...

    ecstasy is psychologically addictive ( in some people ) but NOT physically addictive:


    * Ecstasy is not physically addictive. However, the drug can often take on great importance in people's lives, and some people become rather compulsive in their use. Taken too frequently, however, MDMA loses its special effect.
    * MDMA releases the brain chemical serotonin, elevating mood and acting as a short-term antidepressant. Compulsive users may be unconsciously trying to self-medicate for depression. Effective treatments for depression are available with the proper diagnosis by a qualified physician.


    ps i have never taken e's
  14. ToHelp

    ToHelp Well-Known Member

    Your problem Soli is that SF does not encourage illegal practices. My statements are correct. The sedative statement was not referring to X, lol.

    LOL, these are pro-rec drug sites, and I quote, "Ecstacy is illegal and conviction for possession can carry long prison sentences."

    SF does not endorse illegal practices.

    That is fine. :smile: But SF does not endorse, encourage, nor coach illegal practices.


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  15. soliloquise

    soliloquise Well-Known Member

  16. soliloquise

    soliloquise Well-Known Member

    please do NOT accuse me of promoting drug use by trying to dispel myths and post harm reduction to those who are already using. a harm reduction site is more use to a drug user than a blank all attitude and false info. i am here to help people and i have a lot of experience in drug abuse. i have never stated it is a good idea to take drugs especially to vunerable people. and i resent the accusation that i have.
  17. ToHelp

    ToHelp Well-Known Member

    Well that made a lot of sense. Nah, mayhap if I was on X, it indeed would make sense. :biggrin:

    Pro-drug, "harm-reduction" (lol).... I'm calling bullshit here, as in bullshit semantics. For the love of God they discuss "safe" ways to have rave parties.

    I am sorry that you take such harsh offense but remember their own warning:

    "Ecstacy is illegal and conviction for possession can carry long prison sentences."​

    Fear mongering as in 20-year prison sentences, you mean? Au contraire, the prospect of jail time has proven a potent deterrent.

    Solilo... did you know that this stuff enjoys a multi-billion dollar per annum drug trafficking ring worldwide?

    Well see, every person who buys their own stash contributes to that being a reality.

    Never made an accusation but suggest that if you don't want this stigma to refrain from supporting sites which sanction the activity.

  18. soliloquise

    soliloquise Well-Known Member

    i have no stigma. only the false one you are projecting. if you dont like my posts then can you either leave me alone please or be a lot less aggressive. i don't need it.
  19. wheresmysheep

    wheresmysheep Staff Alumni

    to help stop
    i understand and see where you are coming from, but this is not the REASON for this thread.
    OP wanted to know if anyone one else does "X or Molly"
    not what your personal stances on it, or lets have an arguement about it.

    and as for you calling bullshit on the "harm-reduction" sites, you may aswell be calling bullshit on SF then.


    i personally have never used rec drugs.
    X nor MDMA attract me, as has been said, you only get the buzz from it for so long before it has the negitive effects take over unpon you.

    i personally do not see the draw of being on a artifishial 'happy' at all, it would just make me feel like i was a useless piece of crap after my come down, as i cannot be that happy on my own.
  20. soliloquise

    soliloquise Well-Known Member

    i know some people who use e recreationally and have for years. once a month they go on a bender and have no ill effects. that said i have seen some people fry themselves on e.... it is debateable whether it is permanent but i hope not :(

    i was always wary of e's they were just getting popular when iwas using other things. i was scared of e because i did not react well to acid and mushrooms and was worried about having another bad hallucinogenic experience.
    e is very taxing on the body. most fatalities have been through water imbalance.. drinking too little or too much. that was too big a risk for me to try it. i did not have the right emotional make up to deal with hallucinogents or uppers really. i think you do have to be careful with e esp if you are vunerable or prone to anxiety.
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