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    My love is meaningless. I have no friends or family. My words and actions mean nothing. I don't know shit. The best feeling is numbness. I only have the potential to be a memory. I can't make the one that means the most to me happy. I'm only good at destroying things. There's nothing unique about me. I'm not good at anything. I'm potential and not a single thing more.
  2. I need help

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    I'm sure that's not true!
    Take a deep breath and calm down...!
    I'm sure there are things you like to do...why not develop them?..this should be something you'd be good at! we're good at things we like to do! :)

    Hope you feel better!
    You can always send me a PM when you feel like talking to someone! :hug:
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    It sounds like you need to set some small goals so you feel you have acheived something..The more positive you become then you can set some longer term goals..I agree with the OP that you should find things you like to do and work from there..The key is to bank all the positive things you do and when a negative thought sneaks in there kick it to the curb and think about one of those positive thoughts that you have banked..Keep posting here and tell us more about you so we have more info to work with.. Take care!!